10 Awesome Lee Christmas Moments

It’s the most wonderful time of the year so it’s no wonder they named the biggest holiday after Jason Statham’s badass character Lee Christmas from The Expendables franchise. As a tribute to the Knife Before Christmas I thought I’d post 10 of my personal favourite Lee Christmas moments from the series.

10. Expendables 2 Opening Scene

This is pretty much the entire crew however, Lee Christmas mans the big guns as the ride into town to rescue one of their own.

9. Poetry

It’s not all knife fights and shoot-outs as Lee is also a bit of a wordsmith as he gives us a tearjearking and emotionally charged verse… *sarcasm*

8. You Finished Yet?

I don’t hate Expendables 3; it has its flaws but there is plenty to enjoy with this climactic fight one of the highlights and Lee takes down a thug with yep, you guessed it… a knife.

7. Brass Knuckles

This is a short but sweet fight with Lee and Barney taking out the trash with some brass knuckles in a bar.

6. Lee vs. Hector

This fight always should have been longer but it’s Scott Adkins vs. Jason Statham. ‘Nuff said!

5. Knife Fight

There are a lot of knife fights in this series but one of the best is Lee and Barney making their escape against Eric Robert’s goons so lots of stabby goodness ensues.

4. Christmas & Ying Yang vs. The Brit (Gary Daniels)

It’s Statham and Jet Li vs. Gary Daniels in one of my favourite fights of the series which ends very satisfactorily.

3. Man and Knife

This is such a classic old-school action movie line and fight scene hearkening back to the classics of the 80’s.

2. Harbour Bombing

Lee and Barney are making their escape from the bad guys when they decide it just wouldn’t be Christmas without leaving behind a gift… like blowing the shit out of the harbor and killing the bad guys. God bless us everyone!

1. Basketball Beatdown

This remains arguably my favourite scene of the entire series as Lee comes to the defence of his lady after she is beaten up by her new boyfriend. This is so satisfying and badass.

So there we have it; a quick tribute to Lee Christmas; giving out beatdowns like Christmas presents. Happy Christmas everyone!