10 Awesome Moments from Die Hard 2: Die Harder (1990)

I’ve always had a soft spot for Die Hard 2; considered inferior to the first movie it’s still a damn fine entry in the series with Bruce Willis still very much demonstrating that ole McClane charm. This was the last movie in the series with Holly in it and I still think it worked best when she was in peril as she was everything to him.

So as it’s now the Christmas season I thought I’d countdown 10 awesome moments from Die Harder as I’ve always considered this more of a Christmas movie than the first as there is actual snow in it and the action takes place in Winter.

10. Shut the F*ck up, Lorenzo!

Carmine Lorenzo is such an annoying unhelpful asshole so when Grant (John Amos) tells him to “shut the f*ck up” it’s incredibly satisfying and frankly long overdue.

9. Al Returns!

Al Powell is one of my favourite characters from Die Hard as he’s just an all round good guy and one of McClan’es few allies so it’s a nice treat to see him get a cameo in the sequel.

8. Church Shootout

It’s always nice to go to Church around Christmas time… except when there’s terrorists! But is everything as it seems?

7. “How can the same shit happen to the same guy twice?”

I love this line and I bet back in 1990 McClane didn’t think the same shit would still be happening over 20 years later…

6. Baggage Fight

“On it’s way to Cleveland?” One of my favourite McClane fights, this is a desperate battle and even though you know John will win it’s still a great throwdown.

5. Snow Mobile Chase

There aren’t too many snow mobile chases in action movies so kudos to director Renny Harlin for giving us something new and it’s a cracking action scene.

4. Skywalk Shoot-out

“A sitting duck!” says Robert Patrick who has a breif role in this movie before he would go on to legendary status in T2. this is another awesome bullet-riddled sequence.

3. Plane crash

Arguably the most shocking scene on the entire franchise the moment Colonel Stuart downs a plane to make a point makes him easily the most diabolical villain of the series.

2. I’ve Got Enough Friends!

I just posted about this scene a while back it’s it’s still awesome as McClane battles with Grant of the wing of the plane with painful results… for Grant

1. Ejector Seat

This is utterly ridiculous but it’s so iconic it had to be number 1 as it’s pure cartoon stuff but I remember seeing it in the theatre for the first time and the audience cheered and its still one of the best scenes in all of Die Hard.