10 Must-Play Action Video Games of All Time

Are you a fan of action video games? If so, you’re in for a treat! Action games have always been a favorite among gamers, offering a thrilling and immersive experience that keeps players on the edge of their seats. Whether it is battling fearsome monsters, embarking on epic quests, or engaging in intense combat, action games have something for everyone.

What sets action games apart is their adrenaline-pumping gameplay and fast-paced action. These games often require quick reflexes, strategic thinking, and precise timing, making them a perfect choice for those looking to challenge themselves. The thrill of overcoming obstacles, defeating formidable foes, and emerging victorious is what keeps players coming back for more.

So, if you’re looking for an exhilarating gaming experience, don’t miss out on these must-play action video games. Strap in, grab your controller, and get ready for an adrenaline-fueled adventure like no other.


Ninja Gaiden 2

Everyone thought it was hard to match the frenetic approach of Ninja Gaiden, but then, the second game in the series kicked in. While similar from many points of view, it has a unique feel. It’s linear and there’s action round the clock, not to mention the different health system.

Level design left to be desired though, but the unique animations and impressive smoothness made it a front runner. Furthermore, there’s action wherever you go. There’s no time to chill or relax, as there’s a challenge round every corner.



Vanquish is not a typical action video game, but more of a third person shooter. But then, there’s lots of action. Every single task is based on action, you just can’t let it down. You keep telling yourself one more level, one more battle, but they never stop.

Like a lot of other action games, you need to move continuously to avoid dying. You have a bunch of unique abilities too that change, so you’ll always need to improvise and adapt. If there’s one thing that could help out at times, that’s the possibility to slow down time, so you can think about your next fight.


Metal Gear Solid

Despite being released more than two decades ago, Metal Gear Solid is a classic among action video game fans. The plot is fairly simple. A governmental squad decides to revolt and takes over a less known Alaskan disposal facility for nuclear waste. It sounds like the fighters could cause a world disaster.

But then, there’s you. As the top rescuer of the mission, your goal is to infiltrate and find potential hostages. According to the intel, there are two of them. Then, it’s needless to say you’ll have to thwart the attackers’ plans. That’s when the action begins because there are plenty of them and they’re all tough.


God of War 3

There are quite a few classic games in this collection, but the third release takes everything to another level. Some would argue and claim it’s filled with violence, but there’s more than that. The insane level of strategy you need to clear this game makes it totally worth it. It’s a real challenge for any gamer out there.

What makes this game unique is the fact that you need to use your imagination too. You can use enemies as weapons if you think about it, such as small enemies as battering rams, just to give you an example. There’s much more to discover and no matter how many times you play it, you’ll find out something new.


Bayonetta 1

Both Bayonetta 1 and 2 are worth some attention, but the first release is just slightly better. There aren’t too many differences between them though. The game will check everything needed for an intense action game. It’s challenging, super stylish and demanding. You need some skills to actually win something.

The secret is to find a perfect balance between your defense and offense. For instance, when you dodge a hit, you gain more damage for your offense. It’s a fun style that no other game employs and keeps you active because there’s some action regardless of what you do.


Metal Gear Rising

Nothing can beat the level of satisfaction you’ll get by swirling a metal gear arm with a sword before smashing an enemy with just one clean hit. This game is smooth and naturally intense, without even trying. You can feel the dopamine invading your brain as you kill more and more enemies.

The best part about it? You can smash pretty much everything. But the fast paced scenario is what makes it so attractive. Furthermore, it also has an unusual combat system. While similar to what you can get in Bayonetta, the concept implies timing everything in the smallest details.


Devil May Cry 3

Some would argue and say the fifth release is better, but at the end of the day, both games have something special. Devil May Cry 3 is a classic and totally worth your time. It came with plenty of innovative features, leaving a mark on every action gamer out there.

The combat style is unique, as it’s incredibly complex. Sure, you don’t have to dig that deep, you’ll still be able to clear it, but the idea is to offer something to everyone. As if all these were not enough, the storyline stands out.


Ninja Gaiden Black

Ninja Gaiden Black is just different because there’s no time to understand a story. There are enemies everywhere, so the aggression continues throughout the whole game. Your answer? An impressive portfolio of weapons to tackle your missions.

The movement is smooth and natural, it simply feels better than any other similar game. Your character can run everywhere, on walls, jump over enemies, and so on. It’s all about timing your attacks if you truly want to make a difference.


God of War 2018

There are more games in the series, but the 2018 release simply pushed the action video game industry further. This game came with a complete package and it still has a massive fan base. Visuals? Outstanding! Combat system? Unique! Storyline? Epic!

Character progression is brilliantly balanced too. There’s literally nothing to complain about. And of course, the action stands out with its high level of aggression, as well as the possible outcomes of every fight you’ll need to go through.


Elden Ring

Elden Ring, the highly anticipated action role-playing game developed by FromSoftware, has been making waves in the gaming community. Set in a fantasy world and featuring the signature gameplay style of FromSoftware, Elden Ring promises an unparalleled adventure for players.

One of the aspects that sets Elden Ring apart is its challenging gameplay mechanics, reminiscent of FromSoftware’s previous titles. Players will face formidable adversaries, each with their own unique backgrounds and stories. Overcoming these challenges requires strategic thinking, precise timing, and mastery of combat abilities.


Final words 

These 10 must-play action video games have left an indelible mark on the gaming industry and continue to captivate players with their immersive worlds, compelling narratives, and exhilarating gameplay. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or new to the world of video games, these titles offer unforgettable experiences that should not be missed.