3 Action Movies That Feature Casino Scenes

The amalgamation and overlap of popular culture across all forms of entertainment have never been easier to see, analyze and discuss than it is now on the internet. A fitting example of this is how the online casino world, movies, and brick-and-mortar casinos have certain interrelated themes and overlaps. Some casino slots that mirror the movies, and then some movies feature casino scenes. It’s interesting to examine how these movies present the humble casino in popular culture and if this view is one of positivity.

·      Oceans 11

Whether Oceans 11 or all the way to the last in the franchise of Oceans 8, this is the most famous of action movies, with the casino playing a leading role. The overall cinematography is based and built around the casinos, the entrances, the noise, the excitement, the vibe, and the hope of hitting the next big jackpot. The Oceans movies may be about a heist and getting one over on the casino owner without having to play the actual casino games. However, the manner in which the casino is portrayed is in line with the high roller luxury and exclusive nature of a good quality casino. It’s the traditional Hollywood view of casinos and the entertainment therein.

·      James Bond at the casino

Again, the luxury and exclusivity of the casino is made a major component of the bond movies. Bond loves to dress up, tip big, and always enjoys his time sitting at the casino tables. His banter and manly masculinity are fantastically well suited to the banter over bets and straight-faced bluffs. And poker is the game of choice, but Bond has also played baccarat in Goldeneye and in Dr No.

In fact, Bond would be no stranger to using bitcoin at an mbitcasino.io where luxury is also a given, and the bitcoin adds that layer of exclusivity. It’s almost something we may expect to see in the next Bond movie.

·      The Gambler:- is a little less glamorous but educational non the less

The last movie worth looking at is one with a slightly different theme, where the protagonist just doesn’t know when to stop. The action is related to panic and loss and the potential risks involved in unplanned and un-restricted betting and gambling. It brings into question and to the fore the need for the gambling and betting guidance and assistance offered by the modern sites. Time limits, deposit limits and restrictions, and more are all tools that should be used to avoid the pitfalls as experienced by Mark Wahlberg (Jim Bennett) in this movie.

The exhilaration and excitement of the casino can be infectious, and it is generally a means of entertainment that can now be accessed wherever you have the internet and without having to dress up. The games are the same, and the anticipation of winning is just as fun, but it’s all online.

One of the common themes in movies is trying to take on the house, winning more than anything else. However, the reality is that playing at the casino is indeed a great reason to dress up, have a great evening, and primarily have loads of fun.