3 tips for you who love action movies

If you’re a sucker for epic action movies, you have come to the right place. There might not be any greater entertainment available than good movies with lots of action. Maybe you have seen most of the best-rated action movies, but still can’t get enough of this genre. Well, good news for you, as this article is about awesome things you can do concerning this topic.


What if there were events and activities you could do with your friends that are inspired by the great world of action movies and action heroes? Here are some helpful tips for you to put together your own action movie party.


Action filled games

It’s not only just in the movies that a lot of action is taking place. There are also many fun and entertaining games out there filled with action and excitement. Some of the most popular action games are based on the movies such as Star Wars, Blade, Mad Max, and many more. You can also do League of legends betting, if that is more your thing. 


If you need a break from the action movies, maybe an action game is something to try out. If you want to know more about League of legends bets, please click on the link.


Theme party – action movies

Have you ever held a theme party? You could invite your friends and family over for a different, yet exciting party where everybody must dress up as their favorite action hero. Some might come as Rambo, some might come as an Alien and some might even dress up as different Star Wars characters. A dress-up party is just so much more fun than a normal and formal one.


The great action movie-marathon

If you and your dear friends are all into action movies, you should consider doing a proper marathon. Clear your living room, get all the mattresses in there, duvets, and pillows, and then make the room into one big bed. You could even see if anyone had a projector so you could all watch the movies there. You could pick up some of the greatest action movies of all time and watch them till the sun rises. If you need inspiration for finding some epic action movies for the big movie marathon night, you might find this link interesting as you can check out some useful reviews.