4 Best Self-Education Platforms for Students

Whether you aim to be more competent in your field of work, gain some new marketable skills, or just explore new topics, self-education platforms are a great solution. In fact, it’s very convenient since self-studying molds the interests of the learner. With the advent of such platforms, the number and variety of services designed to help students with homework are also growing.

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Some of the self-education platforms provide certifications. Others are designed to help people gain key skills for their personal and professional life. But with so many options, it’s quite hard to choose the right one. We prepared a list of the best platforms you can sign up for now.


This platform is the first on our list since it has worked with over 200 leading universities and companies. Here you can enroll in any academic course and attend classes held by real professors and universities at a fraction of the cost or even for free.

The great thing about Coursera is that it aims to supplement your education and set you ahead in your career. Here you will be provided with real learning experiences that will lead to professional benefits in the future: promotions, raises, etc.

Whether you want to earn a new degree or certifications, improve already existing skills, or maybe you even are not looking for any professional development reasons, you still should check out this platform. It delivers several challenging and exciting classes on plenty of topics. It allows you to broaden your horizons and expand your knowledge.

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You will never be bored with Coursera since it offers multimedia courses. To engage students in learning and motivate them to study, professors upload videos and assign and grade quizzes and homework assignments. This helps to turn a seemingly boring and routine class into an entertaining process.



  • Offers over 1,500 free courses
  • In-depth course material
  • You get an accredited certificate recognized by employersClasses available in multiple languages
  • User-friendly website



  • Free courses don’t offer certificates
  • Several programs require students to have additional applications
  • Some courses have strict timelines



  • Guided projects – $9.99/per course
  • Professional certificate courses – $39/per month
  • Higher university-issued certificates – $2,000/per course


Courses: 3,000+

Certificate: Yes

Accredited Institution: Yes


In comparison with other online learning, Udemy offers students around 183 000 courses held by over 65 000 professors. Udemy is a great choice since here you can enroll in courses on every topic imaginable:

  • Art
  • Languages
  • Teaching
  • Fitness
  • IT
  • Business
  • Music
  • Productivity
  • Programming


The cool thing about Udemy is that here, you can even attend personal development and lifestyle courses. You will gain life skills and useful techniques that are not covered by normal colleges.

Just like Coursera, Udemy offers instructors freedom in choosing the format of lectures. Here you will be provided with audio, video, and text materials. You will also be given interesting quizzes, readings, etc.

The reason why Udemy stands out among other self-educating platforms is that you can preview classes you are keen on. In case something doesn’t meet your expectations and preferences, Udemy offers a 30-day refund.



  • No deadlines
  • Wide range of various courses
  • 30-day refund guarantee
  • Classes are available in 65 languages



  • Not an accredited institution


Courses: 183,000+

Price: $11 – $200/per source

Certificate: Yes


Accredited Institution: No


In comparison with other online learning platforms that provide college-style classes, this service offers a less formal format. Skillshare offers nearly over 35 000 courses and nearly 70 various topics aimed at improving creative skills, including:

  • Creative writing
  • Photography
  • Visual arts
  • Interior design
  • Graphic design
  • Business
  • Marketing
  • Film
  • Animation


Most classes include a series of video lessons along with practical assignments so that students can learn practical skills they can use in the future to create their own projects.

In general, the platform provides students with a range of free classes, from short videos to longer tutorials. Although they are not in-depth, they still are quite informational and entertaining.



  • Variety of topics
  • Highly-skilled teachers
  • Covers nearly every creative field
  • Free seven-day trial for subscriptions



  • Free options are limited
  • Ad-free only on a premium subscription
  • All classes are taught only in English


Courses: 35,000+


Price: $14/per month


Certificate: No


Accredited Institution: No


Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/rH8O0FHFpfw


The most attractive thing about MasterClass is that its courses tap into celebrities’ expertise and experience. That means you are provided with an opportunity to get TV writing advice from Shonda Rhimes, gain creative and leadership skills with Anna Wintour, learn to cook from Gordon Ramsay, and even take a film class from Martin Scorsese.


Most courses offer 20 video-based lessons combined with straightforward lectures, workbooks, and class discussions. With MasterClass, you can really dive deep into the topic you are interested in and master key skills.



  • World-class instructors
  • High-quality video production
  • Memberships give unlimited access to all classes
  • Courses feature a consistent level of quality



  • No free trial or free options
  • Fewer number of courses than competitors
  • No certifications


Courses: 100+


Price: $15/per month


Certificate: No


Accredited Institution: No

To Sum Up

The variety of self-education platforms is only rising in number. That means it might be pretty overwhelming to choose the right service that meets your expectations and interests. However, with the list of best services we have provided you with, you are guaranteed to get the best education.