5 Most Hated Chainsaw Man Characters Ranked

Chainsaw Man introduces a number of distinctive and unusual characters throughout the duration of the series. However, not all of them have been as fortunate to win the hearts of fans due to the many characters who attract attention for their personalities and abilities.

Chainsaw Man is an action manga series developed by Tatsuki Fujimoto. The show depicts the escapades of Denji, a boy who is united with his demon dog and can use its chainsaw abilities. The series has developed a significant online following since its introduction. You can watch chainsaw man on major streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, and Sling TV. In this article, you’ll discover the five most hated characters. Take a look now!


  1. Himeno

Himeno is certainly the most hated character in all of Chainsaw Man. She is seen as a self-proclaimed easy woman since she is overly friendly with every male character, which certainly makes others of the same gender as Himeno dislike her. Fans’ enthusiasm was further fueled by the fact that she was well-known for kissing other devil hunters.


Her unwavering commitment to Aki Hayakawa and her girlfriend-like behavior toward him is also disturbing. Seeing Aki fall for a woman who has such a large female fanbase made everyone dislike her.  She was a seasoned devil hunter, but she intended to kill Denji during her battle with the Eternity Devil. Instead, she only planned to sacrifice Denji in order to save Aki. Therefore, this gave the impression that she was a coward.


  1. Makima

Makima is the one who convinces Denji to join the Special Division; she is as mysterious as she is powerful. She is one of the most dangerous characters in the anime because of her unpredictable nature, which may cause her to change from being warm and caring to cold and cruel in a matter of seconds.


Makima is so strong that she can murder someone right away, only by learning their name from another person. She is a much more dangerous figure since her objectives are never made clear and because senior demon hunter Kishibe pulls her out when she claims that her activities are for the sake of humanity.


  1. Ghost Devil

The Ghost Devil’s personality is mainly a mystery. The Ghost Devil has all of the typical devil skills, including the capacity to enter into contracts with people in exchange for a fee. The first known contract is with Himeno, who receives the right arm of the Ghost Devil in return for her right eye and may use it whenever she wants.


The Ghost Devil has an appearance that mirrors ghosts because it represents the dread of ghosts. Its body is selectively invisible, making it impossible for anyone to touch it. Yet, it may be sliced by certain weapons and attacked by other demons. As Himeno could seize the Eternity Devil with its right arm while remaining invisible, it is also capable of becoming unseen.


Ever wonder how Himeno gave her complete body to the Ghost devil as compensation?  You can watch how this happens on major streaming platforms like HBO, Hulu, and Dish TV.


  1. Gun Devil

Gun Devil is one of the Chainsaw Man’s greatest enemies. People dislike him because of his cruelty and ruthlessness, and he is in charge of killing Aki Hayakawa’s entire family. He is undoubtedly one of those characters that you can both love and hate because of how real he is and how he never wavers from siding with evil.


In just five minutes, the Gun Devil can kill 1.2 million people in a variety of nations around the globe. Pieces of its flesh burned off its body as it traveled because of the creature’s extreme speed. It keeps its incredible speed even after changing into the Gun Fiend, allowing it to blast Denji out of Aki’s apartment’s front door and rapidly get to Power’s location to attack her.


  1. Kobeni Higashiyama

It is not surprising that Kobeni is one of the most hated characters in Chainsaw Man because their team has suffered due to her excessive nervousness when faced with challenging situations or confrontations with Demons. In fact, it reaches a point where his lack of deliberation and analysis when faced with critical choices makes him a tedious and irritating character.


With a knife as her primary tool, Kobeni effortlessly dispatches Katana Man in his human form by rapidly severing his arm. She has also demonstrated her ability to shoot accurately and skillfully by wounding Katana Man badly and shooting him again before killing Akane Sawatari and forcing her to escape.


If you haven’t witnessed Kobeni in action, we recommend you check her out by watching Chainsaw Man on popular streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, and Go Latino.



Final Thoughts

The diverse, relatable, and entertaining characters in Chainsaw Man have been a key factor in the film’s success so far. If there weren’t such horrible characters, fans wouldn’t be able to appreciate the majority of the characters they care about. Even though there are a lot of hated characters in the series, fans are still captivated by its storyline, and it has garnered a large fan base.