Abduction (2019) Review

Rent it


Abduction is a strange movie that won’t appeal to all of Scott’s fans and feels like a step backward after Triple Threat and Avengement but the fight scenes are decent and Scott and Andy On are fun to watch on screen together.

Plot: Quinn steps out of a park fountain in Vietnam with no recollection of who he is or where he came from. As he wanders through the city, piecing together clues to his past, he is relentlessly pursued by mysteriously dangerous figures.

Review: What an odd movie this was; one of the best compliments you can give a film is that it’s weird and Abduction is certainly that.

The story is all totally bonkers and may be tough for some to swallow as it is for the most part a fantasy movie featuring inter-dimensional beings/aliens who kidnap people for their chi… or something. Scott Adkins’ daughter is kidnapped by said beings so begins his hunt for her which will take him across the world and through time.

After the winning streak of Triple Threat and Avengement Abduction seems like a step back for Scott as it just looks rather cheap. Some characters are obviously dubbed at times and there is dodgy CGI too. Low budget movies shouldn’t use CG… ever as it will never look convincing. There isn’t much though thankfully and what Abduction has going for it are the two leads Scott Adkins and Andy On who both get to have a decent amount of fight scenes which are well shot although lacking the viciousness of the previously mentioned films.

Brahim Achabbakhe shows up as one of the beings and has his usual throwdown with Scott which I feel is a regular occurrence in his films recently.

The story never gets all that tense until the bizarre finale and there are some annoying interludes featuring Scott Adkins stuttering which is arguably even more frustrating for the audience than it is for his character. The runtime is at least pretty short and there isn’t too much downtime between fight scenes so it is at least never boring.

Andy On and Scott make a great double act and this is very much open for a sequel which I would welcome if it could get a bigger budget.

Overall, Abduction isn’t one of Scott Adkins better films but he and Andy On are always fun to watch and it has enough action to be worth checking out as a rental or if it hits Netflix.