When you’re ready to relax and watch an action movie with cannabis, consider a few tips. First, choose a strain that will make you feel happy and focused. Try double diesel or blue diesel. Be aware that these strains can dehydrate the body and make your eyes dry. Also, make sure to drink lots of water. Cannabis can also help you focus more and laugh longer during a movie.


In addition to smoking marijuana, you can have a snack or drink. Snacks and water are both great for your health. You can also watch an action movie with cannabis and snack on your favorite food. You can even get high and munch on the snacks you bring along! The benefits of cannabis for movie watching are numerous! If you’re looking for a relaxing night in with a friend, try the Zkittlez seeds strain

Jesse Eisenberg’s hapless stoner in Project X

In a new movie, Jesse Eisenberg plays a hapless stoner who becomes an asset in a covert government program. In the upcoming American Ultra, Eisenberg reunites with Kristen Stewart as hapless stoner Mike Howell. When an agent unexpectedly activates him, Mike slowly discovers that he is actually a lethal sleeper agent. He is forced to fight for his life with Phoebe as he battles to survive – and the government agency that molded him into a sleeper agent wants to kill him.


While the stoner/secret agent mash-up does promise a lot of cross-genre thrills, this movie falls flat in terms of its comedy. The film’s clumsy pacing and over-the-top violence are no match for the film’s unapologetic take on toxic masculinity. However, Eisenberg is a likable choice as the hapless stoner, and Kristen Stewart, as his long-suffering girlfriend, is equally impactful.

Smiley Face

When it comes to the use of cannabis in action movies, some people may be more interested in the stoner humor of Smiley Face than in the actual content of the movie. The film is more than a straightforward stoner flick, and the realism of the premise is undoubtedly appealing. In celebration of its 10th anniversary today, watch Smiley Face and celebrate 4/20 with it. The film will have you feeling stoned and happy.


While Smiley Face isn’t the smartest film ever made, it is entertaining enough to attract a broad audience and will definitely get you through the whole film. The film is fun and imaginative, and is executed with a charming, harmless charm. While the movie is a bit stale and lacks focus, it is still surprisingly entertaining, and Faris’ performance makes it likable throughout.

Monty Python

If you’re looking for a way to spice up your Monty Python action movies, consider using cannabis. The film’s theme is centered around two friends who get high, then try to go get some food while still high. Afterward, they head back to the store to buy more weed and eat it. Whether you watch Monty Python on a regular basis or get high on cannabis, you’re sure to enjoy it.


You’ll enjoy this British comedy about a rock band’s struggles in the 1980s. The film’s first-person perspective makes it perfect for stoners. With a cast of half Monty Python comedians and a closing theme by a former Beatle, the movie is a potent mix of humor and action. You’ll laugh out loud, but you’ll be enlightened by the message of the film.


You might have heard the anti-drug campaigns warn kids that marijuana is a gateway drug. But this story does a lot more than make that claim. It explores the consequences of escaping an abusive relationship and the consequences of not doing so. Cannabis can be used to help you get high without feeling like you’re addicted. In fact, cannabis is an excellent addition to any film, whether it’s a comedy or an action movie.