Another Top 10 Andrew Divoff Action Films

Divoff is a busy man yet gives it his all to any project, regardless if it’s mainstream or lower-budget. I just had to rank more roles from his various genre movies after noting his stellar roles in films like Captured, Another 48 Hrs., Air Force One and Toy Soldiers. What other films of his are easily winners? Let’s see now!

10. Oblivion

In this first of two Full Moon Sci-Fi-Western cheesefests, Divoff’s alien character plays a more prominent role than in the sequel. A precursor to his later make-up heavy roles, Divoff creates equal humanity and menace with this fun antagonist role.


9. Blast (1997)

In this silly Albert Pyun film, Divoff is once again in Toy Soldiers/Die Hard mode and hams it up considerably all while bring much needed life to this limited production. Armed with bombs and guns, he gets to take an Olympic swim team hostage. His demands may be too narrow but his intensity is cranked up 1000 plus!


8. Magic Island

While Vault was a fun loosely inspired heist film has Divoff in a brief yet very key role as part of the robbing crew, his screentime was too little. Here in this kid friendly Full Moon production, Divoff perfectly portrays the legendary pirate Blackbeard and hams it up considerably while getting some rather bold one-liners.


7. Down ‘N Dirty

In one of two different Fred Williamson films where Fred plays Det. Dakota Smith, Divoff played two different characters. In this entry, he plays a brief yet vital in-between criminal affiliate who has his own agenda as well.


6. Shadows in Paradise

This limited budget and rather low-brow film just chugs along from Action scene to the next. Divoff doesn’t have much to work with but does get to play an interesting traitor while also sharing a fun fight scene with Bruce Boxleitner.


5. Blue Hill Avenue

As one of the two dirty cops playing alongside real-life pal William Forsythe, both supporting actors convince as secondary antagonists to the otherwise typical hood and turf gang wars that coincide. Very intimidating as usual, it’s yet another neat scene-steal by Andrew and the police corruption angle in this subplot makes this otherwise solid gangsta indie film stand out more!


4. Moscow Heat

In this Red Heat/Commando inspired film. Divoff is on the scene here as another deceiving antagonist but nothing is as it seems and he features more heavily in the thrill-heavy finale to some over-the-top yet welcome exploding helicopter delight. Lower your expectations and you’ll have some fun with this over-the-top movie.


3. Extreme Justice

As part of Scott Glenn’s vice squad of either crooked or anti-hero filled LA cops, Divoff never comes into conflict with good cop Lou Diamond Phillips or even the other officers. He only serves to participate in some of the off-color barbeque-laden discussions or execute various violent gangsters during the sting operations.


2. Killers in the House

In this intriguing yet involving home invasion film scripted by pre-Arlington Road/Reindeer Games scribe Ehren Krueger. Relentless in its pacing, this film never has a dull moment and Divoff gets to be very freaky and remain such until the very end.

1. Wishmaster

While much like the Leprechaun franchise in that it’s primarily a Horror Comedy, this and the third film sequel both go into Warlock/Terminator Action-Horror mode in their second acts. It’s a delight as it shows make-up maestro and director Alex Kurtzman showing that he can work just as many wonders like he did with the similar multi-toned From Dusk Till Dawn the year prior.

As for Divoff, what can we say? If you don’t recognize him from Toy Soldiers or Air Force One then you definitely know him from this awesome film. So naturally comfortable showcasing the villainous actions and impossible to not find amusing (as intended), Divoff proves that he was the absolute right choice and naturally owns the role.


Want another Action movie actor’s work detailed in a list? Let us know!