Are you wondering if you should go see a particular action movie after taking a swig of pot? There are a few things to keep in mind before you decide to get stoned and catch a movie. First of all, you should watch something that will not give you an anxiety attack. That way, you’ll be sure to enjoy the experience and avoid any unpleasant side effects of autoflowering seeds cannabis. This article will cover several films that you should definitely see after you’ve hit up.

Coen brothers film

Almost every Coen brothers action movie is a great film to watch after taking cannabis. The Coen brothers are acclaimed for their award-winning No Country For Old Men. This absurdist comedy centers on a prized CD containing government secrets. It stars Brad Pitt, Tilda Swinton, John Malkovich, Frances McDormand, and George Clooney.

Similarly, a good cannabis movie is an enjoyable film to watch after taking cannabis. Some movies are intentionally shot to trip out the audience, but you should always check the rating before going to see one. The fifth Element is a great choice. The plot revolves around an alien goddess who is transported to Planet Earth. A life-weary cab driver saves her. The action is a mix of comedy and suspense, and the film is worth seeing, even if you’re not a cannabis fan.

Up in Smoke

You may have heard of the e-cigarette and wondered what it is. Well, marijuana is not that simple. The smoke from cannabis contains toxic chemicals that can irritate the lungs and bronchial passages. Regular cannabis smokers have a greater chance of experiencing bronchitis, coughing, and phlegm. It may even aggravate any respiratory ailments you already have. On top of that, smoking cannabis can increase your risk of lung cancer.


The high from cannabis can make you feel tired and depressed. You may lose focus, think irrationally, or lose your ability to concentrate. Even if you don’t suffer from mental disorders, marijuana can negatively affect your mood, making you more susceptible to depression. And cannabis use can affect young people’s brains, which are not fully developed. Long-term cannabis use can impair their thinking processes. Additionally, cannabis use during pregnancy may have adverse effects on a developing fetus.

Monty Python crew

The legendary Monty Python crew has taken their love for cannabis to a new level. They filmed their latest comedy special, “The Monty Python Show,” and reportedly felt good after taking the drug. But is it really good? What is it that makes them so funny?


This group of comedians met at Cambridge University, where they discovered their shared love of comedy. They formed the group when they were teens and began quoting the wacky comedy. The show quickly gained international fame and won three BAFTA awards. This show also made a global superstar out of Graham Chapman, John Cleese, and Eric Idle. The New Yorker proclaimed the series to be “the funniest series created specifically for television.” Rolling Stone Magazine deemed the troupe the greatest sketch comedy show of all time.

King Arthur

Is a King Arthur action movie good after smoking cannabis? Probably not. There are too many pot-related cliches and clichés in this retelling of the legend. In addition to its lack of romance, it’s also awash with violence, out-of-sequence storytelling, and other director’s worst habits. This version of Arthur also features overly verbose thugs, a calcified ’90s aesthetic, and actor-mounted camera selfies. It’s not for everyone, and it might be better suited for a more wholesome audience.


As a cannabis user, you should stay away from King Arthur and similar movies. Cannabis can make you sluggish and prone to narcolepsy. But if you enjoy the action, it won’t ruin your enjoyment of this film. Arthur scolds the knights for getting comfortable and for being overly comfortable. Guinevere is an unlikely love interest, and Lancelot is too sexy to be a good match.


If you’re wondering whether Interstellar is a good movie to watch after consuming a hit of marijuana, the answer is yes! Interstellar is a fantastic film that considers the future of humanity in space after devastation wreaks havoc on earth. It is also a great reminder of the pioneering science fiction literature of the 1950s and 1960s.


In Interstellar, humanity travels to another galaxy to seek salvation after Earth’s blight has destroyed our home planet. Interstellar introduces ideas about the fabric of spacetime and how consciousness is created and maintained. A character, played by Matthew McConaughey, falls into a black hole and meets a multidimensional interface. This allows him to communicate with his daughter from many years before.