Avengement (2019) Music Score Review



Sean Murray’s score to Avengement is one of the year’s best with electronic greatness hearkening back to classic Morricone and Carpenter. A Must-have.

Review: Avengement may well be my favourite action flick of the year so far and the first thing that jumped off the screen was the score by Sean Murray.

It has elements of Ennio’s Morricone’s The Professional (used in the main theme) but I also got a hint of John Carpenter as well, reminding me of Escape from New York.

It’s all moody synths and captures the gritty vibe of the film perfectly. It’s not exactly filled with tunes you’ll whistle (aside from the main theme) but it’s got plenty of atmospherics and works perfectly with the on-screen bloodbath.

Stand out tracks include Me Mum –  Avengement Main Title, Prison Fight, Montage and Abel (which uses what sounds like the horn of the apocalypse to startling effect). The score is around 49 minutes long and is as well paced as the movie with tracks like Acid Attack as intense as you’d expect. Club Night is another awesome tune incorporating surreal Asian voiceover in the background and some piano just to make sure the music is never predictable.

Overall, not much else to say; the score to Avengement is electronic heaven and is my favourite kind of music that I can listen to all day so if you’re a fan of the movie and like to support composers (who I consider the unsung heroes of movies) then pick it up and start a fight in jail*.


*Please do not go and start a fight in jail.