Aztec Treasures Slot Machine

Aztec Treasures is an exciting digital slot machine that boasts stunning 3D visuals and an engaging gameplay structure. With a total of five reels and an impressive 20 paylines, Aztec Treasure slot machine promises endless opportunities for big wins. The game goes beyond traditional slot features, offering a range of exciting elements to enhance the thrill. These include a wild symbol, scatter symbol and bonus images, each of which can provide instant prizes or unlock two different mini-games full of lucrative prizes and surprises. With each appearance of special combinations, the game reaches new heights by unlocking wild reels that increase the chances of getting valuable winning combinations.


How to play on video slot Aztec Treasures

Aztec Treasures slot machine offers the opportunity to experience the game for free. By starting the game, users receive coins that are added to their account. These coins are then converted into credits, which are the in-game currency used to place bets and determine winnings. By spinning the slot machine, players aim to collect as many credits as possible by forming winning combinations and utilising the various features of the game.

The player is able to control the machine using the control panel keys, while game information is conveniently displayed in windows located below the playing field. These console components allow the player to interact effectively with the machine.

The Denomination column determines the number of coins that are covered by game credits. This parameter can be changed in the range from 0.02 to 1. When selecting the denomination, the balance on the user’s account changes accordingly: a smaller number specified in the column leads to the replenishment of the account by a larger number of credits.


  • The Select Lines button allows you to select from 1 to 30 lines in total.
  • The Bet One key allows you to adjust the bet per line in the range of 1-5 credits.
  • Activate the Max Bet Spin option and take a risk by making the maximum bet and selecting the maximum number of lines. Start spinning the reels.
  • When the Spin key is pressed, it starts a single spin based on the set bet and line conditions.
  • The Balance column neatly records the number of coins in your account.
  • Pay attention to the number of credits present in the designated “Credits” column;


This analysis focuses on the value of the total bet (spin value) displayed in the Bet window.

Some function and information keys are located above the playing field:


  • Toggle between sound on and off.
  • The Autoplay button is used to start the automatic spins. When you click on this button, an auxiliary window appears, offering you to specify the criteria for automatic spins: namely, the number of activated lines, the line bet, the currency denomination and the desired number of turns, which can range from 5 to 100.


  • By selecting Pays, players will get a comprehensive overview of the paytable and a detailed description of the bonus features embedded in the slot game.
  • The row next to the Bet, Credits and Balance columns shows the assigned win amounts for combinations. It also provides invaluable suggestions and recommendations to the player. One example is the advice to bet the maximum bet on all 20 lines to maximise the chance of significant wins.


Symbols and rewards of the Aztec Treasures slot

The Aztec king, idol, Aztec woman, jaguar, Aztec warrior, coin and necklace are the main symbols present in the game. In this game, the Aztec king acts as the wild symbol and the idol acts as the scatter symbol. Before starting the game, make a choice from the available coin denominations which range from 0.01, 0.02, 0.05, 0.10, 0.25, 0.50, 1.00 and 5.00. In addition, you must activate a selected number of lines (up to twenty) that will result in potential winning combinations.

To maintain one line, according to the standard rule, one coin must be used.

The Aztec King acts as a wild symbol, as mentioned earlier. It is found exclusively on the second, third and fourth reels. There are no restrictions on where this symbol can form winning combinations. On the other hand, the idol acts as a scatter symbol and provides players with extra spins and unique conditions. When three or more of these symbols appear anywhere on the reels, they not only result in extra wins but also give 100 coins if five of them appear on a single spin.

Please note that the rewards shown in the table are only applicable when playing at the lowest bet. Changing the bet size will accordingly change the credits awarded for a particular combination.


Benefits during the usual spins

Slot machine Aztec Treasures carries unexpected surprises: its usual symbols from time to time take on unusual roles. For example, if the horizontal axis of the third reel will appear on the same symbol, and on the neighbouring second and fourth reels simultaneously appear two women, an exciting event will occur: activates the wild drum, aptly named Kiss Me. Notably, the image of the empowered leader unfolds to occupy the entire space of the third reel and acts as the wild symbol, which increases the reward with a generous x2 multiplier. Intriguingly, this captivating image is unwavering over the course of two spins, significantly increasing the likelihood of a tantalising prize combination.

The slot machine also offers immediate rewards. Once three Mayan calendars appear on the screen, players are given the opportunity to choose one of them. Each symbol hides a random prize. The bigger the bet placed on the line, the bigger the potential reward from this quick bonus.


Free Spins

Once three lizards appear on the screen, a chain of free spins is triggered. At first, the user is granted just nine free spins. The duration of the spins will increase as long as the images of lizards appear on the screen.

During the bonus spins, an intriguing aspect unfolds: the game involves all twenty paylines, regardless of their number initially activated in the main game. It is important to note that the line rate remains unchanged, thus increasing the potential to form profitable combinations. It is noteworthy that during these bonus spins, no deductions from the total bet are taken from the player’s account.