Bad Boys For Life (2020) Music Score Review



The score to Bad Boys for Life is truly epic with huge percussion, choirs and a pervasive excitement so if you like your action movie scores with a shot of adrenaline then this is a must-have.

Review: I had very little expectations when I went into see Bad Boys for Life in the theatre recently but was very pleasantly surprised as it breathed new life into a franchise that I thought had long since passed its sell by date. In fact, it may well be my favourite entry in the series as it’s the first of the three movies to actually have genuine heart. I was emotionally engaged and it was also the first of the trilogy where Martin Lawrence didn’t annoy me.

The script was funny and surprisingly touching but I think the highlight was Lorne Balfe’s frankly epic score which brought back the theme tune from the original film which was one of my most listened to scores of the 90’s. This score just sounds huge with incredible percussion and even some choir in tracks like One Last Time. It’s a welcome shot of adrenaline and the track Bad Boys for Life itself is a near perfect update of the main theme.

The music mostly goes more for the action beats and that’s absolutely fine with standouts including What Else You Got? and It’s Good Shit Lieutenant. It does slow down for a few moments with tracks like Prayer but only very briefly.

It’s probably not the best idea to be driving while listening to this score as you may break the speed limit and jump over other cars as they explode in slow motion. If you do then at least video it and send me it later.

Overall, like the movie Lorne Balfe’s score for Bad Boys for Life is a pleasant surprise making it one of the best action scores I’ve heard for some time and if you liked the music to the original Bad Boys then you need this ASAP.



  1. Bad Boys For Life
  2. It’s Good Shit Lieutenant
  3. Take Back What’s Ours
  4. We’re Dangerous People
  5. What Else You Got
  6. Prayer
  7. God’s Gun
  8. The Truth
  9. Promise To God
  10. We Ride Together, We Die Together
  11. Ambulance Heist
  12. One Last Time