Best Diner Scenes in Action Movies

Let’s start by picturing two people eating together and enjoying food calmly at a local diner because it is surely something you have seen in a movie. As you already know, the story doesn’t end there in most cases because, in the next minute, the restaurant turns upside down and transforms into a scene where people are in danger, and guns and bullets fly everywhere. But what makes a diner such a popular place for directors to set up an action scene? Maybe because it is an essential part of everyday life, and several people consider it the best location to relax, eat, and chat with other people, or because of the nostalgia transmitted or the accessibility of eating in a local environment. Do you know what the most common diner scene from an action movie looks like? Generally, two people are at a restaurant and have casual or crucial conversations, flirting or whispering threats or revelations, and when you expect the least, something colossal happens.

So, if you are interested in these types of film sequences, keep reading our list to find out some of the most memorable action scenes.


Pulp Fiction

Released in 1994, Quentin Tarantino’s film Pulp Fiction is one of the best action movies ever created, which gives a shot of adrenaline with each scene. From a cohesive and engaging plot to exciting themes and motifs, Pulp Fiction has everything an action movie should contain, including habitual diner scenes, which in this movie are split in two between the first and last sequence of the film. The movie sets the stage for a theft, where Pumpkin (Tim Roth) and Honey Bunny (Amanda Plummer) rob the place after sharing some affection and enjoying their meal. Brilliant idea, isn’t it? Still, it happens that in the same restaurant, at the same time, two gangsters, Jules Winnfield (Samuel L. Jackson) and Vincent Vega (John Travolta) are calmly eating breakfast and could easily put up with the robbers, but because they want to change their habits, they don’t protest and let them walk freely with all the money.

The second diner scene from Pulp Fiction

Pulp Fiction doesn’t have only one sequence placed in a diner, but two. The second one happens between Mia Wallace (Uma Thurman), the wife of a crime lord, and her bodyguard Vincent Vega, in which they go to a diner called Jack Rabbit Slims, where they enjoy a $5 vanilla shake. They chat about everything but nothing at the same time, and later, they start to get loose on the dancing floor; the moment represents one of the main reasons why this movie is famous.

You should place Pulp Fiction on your must-see list as it is the movie that defines the ’90s and also Tarantino’s masterpiece. And you surely have heard of this director, as he is considered a national treasure, because he never made a boring film in his career, and each of his movies represented a success.


When it came out in 1990, Goodfellas represented a revelation for all people, and we can see why, as the movie has an interesting plot, where negotiating contract killings are very common. And, of course, the best place to discuss these actions is in a restaurant in the middle of the day where,  from the exterior, it may seem that two people, Henry Hill (Ray Liotta) and Jimmy Conway (Robert De Niro), are talking about usual events. Still, the truth is that they are discussing a new crime. What makes it truly remarkable is that the action happens in such a quotidian way, where the waitress takes the order, and they calmly eat their food (at least we hope it was good).

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In Heat, the diner scene comes after many events, including lots of chasing, when the detective Vincent Hanna (Al Pacino) finally meets a known criminal, Neil McCauley (Robert de Niro). This moment has become the movie’s centerpiece, as the two main protagonists sit at a table and tell each other that neither of them will stop what they are doing and not permit anyone to get in the way. Although they speak calmly, you can feel the tension when the characters interact because they both want to make the final checkmate.

Heat is a movie worth watching at least once in your life as it received several awards and has one of the most famous actors as protagonists, which will fascinate you.

Hell Or High Water

Hell or High Water is another phenomenal movie about two brothers, Toby (Chris Pine) and Tanner (Ben Foster), who go on a series of robberies to pay their mortgage as they risk losing their home. Of course, the plot doesn’t end with this, as they are soon followed by some Texas rangers, who decide to eat at a local place to see if the bank from across the street will also be robbed. The tough waitress, played by no other than Margaret Brown, adds humor and irony to the moment and amazes everyone who sees this scene.

Final words

The list could continue, as several great movies have the setup in a diner. After seeing these films, you will realize why directors chose this specific location to create worthy and unforgettable moments, as the place seems very appealing, has a long menu and can serve breakfast at any hour of the day. So, what will you choose from the menu this day? Besides the usual coffee, you can also pick a movie with Robert de Niro to ensure that your day has some action, thus eliminating boredom from your life.