Best Old School Action Movies to enjoy with your mature partner

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The brilliant premise of this 90s classic is that a hijacked bus has a bomb on board, set to detonate should the speed reduce to below 50 miles per hour. From a scriptwriting point of view, this is genius, ensuring that the tension of the white-knuckle ride never abates for one second. As all sorts of obstacles are placed in the path of the runaway bus, driven by Jack (Keanu Reeves), and abetted by a plucky passenger, Annie (Sandra Bullock), but jamming the brakes on could prove fatal. Veteran Hollywood actor Dennis Hopper excels as the deranged man, Howard, behind this deadly and potentially explosive situation.


Leon: The Professional

There have been many action movies made about unlikely partnerships, but this one refers to a retired Mafia hitman, Leon (Jean Reno) who comes to the aid of a child, Mathilda (Natalie Portman), when her family fall foul of a drug dealer, Norman (Gary Oldman). Mathilda begs the grizzled veteran gunslinger, Leon, to teach her how to use weapons so she can avenge the slaying of her loved ones. As the story unfolds, you soon begin rooting for the plucky New Yorke teenager in her quest to right the wrongs dumped on her at such a young age.


Lethal Weapon

There has been no shortage of buddy movies over the years, but this 1987 movie, starring Mel Gibson and Danny Glover, is one of the most highly watchable. Playing a pair of mismatched LAPD cops, Gibson and Murtaugh, this film went on to become a box office smash, spawning three sequels. There are fantastic action sequences, and chemistry between the leading characters (in time-honored tradition, initially hostile, then grudgingly respectful, ultimately best mates!) While Gibson is initially suicidal after the loss of his wife, being partnered with Murtaugh gives him back self-belief, especially when faced with the murderous bad guy, Mr Joshua (Gary Busey).


Dr No

One day, a certain novelist, Ian Fleming sat down at his typewriter. He began concocting stories about secret serviceman, James Bond (code name ‘007’ or ‘licensed to kill’). Little did he know he was creating one of the most enduring movie franchises in history (the Bond movies have grossed over $7 billion worldwide. Released in 1962, this was the first movie in the series (there have been 27 to date). All the ingredients are present and correct. Bond is played by Edinburgh-born Sean Connery, to many, the archetypal portrayal. When he is not knocking back martinis (shaken, not stirred), he is either in car chases (with a customised Aston Martin that can fire bullets or leave oil slicks), infiltrating megalomaniac’s lairs, or womanising. In this outing, he investigates the mysterious Dr No, operating a criminal empire from his Caribbean retreat. Will James Bond triumph? That we already know the answer never detracts from how hugely enjoyable these movies are!