Bond’s Casino Experiences in Casino Royale & From Russia With Love

With its dark, over-the-top plots, gritty characters, and action-packed thrills, James Bond is a great hero to adapt to all different types of games. From the traditional slots, poker, and card games we’re all familiar with to more elaborate table games and even slot machines, there is no question about how much Bond is ingrained into the gaming industry. From the games he’s played on screen to the casinos he’s been to, Bond has been in practically every type of casino game you could imagine. But there are some things about Bond you may not know. Here is a list of some of the most prominent Bond’s casino experiences and games that he has ever played in his favorite casinos. So if you want to become a 007 Agent, then online casino games for real money Australia offer you such an opportunity. Pick one of the favorite games of James Bond and dive into the action world to the fullest.

Bond’s Casino Experiences

The world’s most famous spy has been in the casino business, be it for money, for kicks, for revenge, or all three. Here’s a collection of Bond’s casino experiences. The casino serves as one of the most important locations in most James Bond films. From the high-stakes tables, where martinis were shaken rather than stirred to the more innocent-sounding roulette game, the casino has become synonymous with gambling and James Bond. It seems that the “world’s most skilled” man at card games in the ’40s became the “world’s most sophisticated” man with money.


James Bond himself has gambled in casinos – from the most traditional to the most modern. And we would say if there was a chance for the 007 Agent to gamble online when he is on a mission in Australia, then he would definitely go to BestAuCasinosOnline to check what is offered there. While he prefers a friendly game of poker to a rigged table, Bond isn’t afraid of playing for money or against him. At times, though, the casino has been the villain’s game, and it’s been Bond’s lucky break to defeat the place.

Casino Royale

It seems that the world’s most skilled man at card games in the ’40s became the world’s most sophisticated man with money. In Casino Royale, Bond visits a casino in Switzerland that will make more money than a company as large as Standard Oil in two weeks. The casino is one of the many locations that he visits in this film. The opening sequence shows Bond in the casino as he and Vesper Lynd discuss his assignment for the company. While he tells her that the job is a small one, Bond seems to have bigger issues than he initially lets on.


James Bond had been on assignment in Morocco and returned to London with a small amount of money and a rather large chip on his shoulder. The casino may not be his fault, but it didn’t help the situation. The casino’s owner, Semyon Strogov, had stolen Bond’s money in the casino two years earlier. A similar game to the one Bond played years later, he decided that the best way to get revenge was to give an opponent one chance to beat him at the poker game. Strogov bet the entire contents of Bond’s trust fund.


From the point where Bond loses everything, the casino becomes the one place where he’s no longer the world’s best at poker. Bond wins his money back by winning at the blackjack table. Later, he returns to the casino where he was a few years earlier and encounters Strogov again. While playing blackjack, Bond finds him in his private office. It looks as though Strogov has found a way to manipulate the security systems, and now Bond has no way to escape. The next day, Bond finds Strogov dead. From the looks of it, Bond may have been involved with this death. The casino, however, would be happy to learn that Bond had been the killer. If you are a fan of Casino Royale, then you will be pleased to know that there are some rumors about the next James Bond and a film remake in Japan, which is going to happen soon.

From Russia With Love

In From Russia With Love, James Bond is sent on assignment to Moscow to find a man who’s killing people to steal their identities. By hiring a Russian gang to be his guide, Bond finds a room at the Mir. This was Bond’s first visit to a casino owned by the KGB. While he’s there, he plays a couple of games with Valentin Zurov, a KGB agent. Unfortunately, he loses the $20,000 that he puts on the table.


This time, Bond is more careful about his losses. He returns to his hotel room, where he gets a message that he’s been double-crossed. This doesn’t sit well with Bond, so he goes back to the casino and begins to search. Zurov is waiting for him and tells Bond that they’ve been played. While Bond is trying to figure out how he’s been taken, Valentin has a gun trained on his head. Zurov takes the money out of Bond’s pocket and throws the money at the table.


Bond tries to play the hand of cards that are being dealt on the table. After the game, he leaves and is pursued by Zurov and a few henchmen. It’s not until they get to the docks that he realizes that the money that he lost belonged to the Soviets. Bond gets shot but is able to drive off in a car. While he’s being driven through the city, he realizes that he had been played for a fool. He and Vesper have been using the KGB as an excuse for the real reason they were sent to Moscow. All these small details make the plot of this film so tense, and it is no wonder that it is considered one of the best action movies so far.