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MEN OF WAR, Dolph Lundgren, 1994, © Dimension Films

Classic Trailer: Men of War (1994)

Men of War is one of Dolph Lundgren’s more underrated films; with a script from John Sayles, a strong story as well as plenty of awesome old-school action it’s definitely worth tracking down.

I was talking with one of my friends about this movie the other day and we were saying how it was such a shame that Trevor Goddard was taken from us so soon as he was always a fun villain especially in this but also as Kano in Mortal Kombat.

Plot: Mercenary Nick (Dolph Lundgren) is hired to perform what he swears will be his final mission. He assembles a team to go to an island in the Pacific to convince the natives, one way or another, to give up their mining rights.

Once there, he finds himself charmed by the wisecracking village headman, Po (B.D. Wong), and attracted to single mom Loki (Charlotte Lewis). Nick decides to turn against his corporate bosses, but others opt to stick with the money, and a pitched battle ensues.