Coming Soon: Rise of the Footsoldier: Origins

I had a sneaking suspicion this franchise wasn’t over just yet and it looks like the fifth Rise of the Footsoldier movie is in development. There is a IndieGogo fund for it which you can check out here:

About the Movie: Rise of the Footsoldier: Origins is the ultimate Tony Tucker Story our fans have been asking for. Spanning across a decade, it’ll tell the origin story of how Tucker, Rolfie, and Pat Tate unite to form their own firm, and satisfy our fans by tackling many of the franchise’s previously unanswered questions!

Rise of the Footsoldier is the one and only British true crime movie franchise, and we want to invite our loyal fans to be part of the process! In return, you’ll help us make the latest instalment bigger and better! #FootsoldierOrigins #BritishMade

The film will be directed by Nick Nevern (The Hooligan Factory) and he is also a co-writer of the script.


You’ve got plenty of ways to get involved:

  • Get a signed Official Poster of #FootsoldierOrigins
  • Become an Extra in the film
  • Take up a Speaking Role in the film
  • Come to the Red-Carpet Film Premiere & Afterparty in London
  • Become an Associate or Executive Producer
  • Get a Trip For Two to Cannes with us
  • Take a Masterclass with us if you’re an aspiring filmmaker or student
  • Get Punched and Smashed by Pat Tate, Tony Tucker, Craig Rolfe, or Bernard O’Mahoney!!!
  • and many many more…

Other Ways You Can Help

Can’t contribute? No problem, just support us by sharing this page and the very good news that Rise of the Footsoldier: Origins is coming! #FootsoldierOrigins #BritishMade

Please note that filming is scheduled to be from 2020 to first half of 2021, and the release is aimed towards the end of 2021.