Coming this Thursday: The Camacho Experiment on El Rey

Coming this Thursday, November 5th at 10pm on The El Rey Network is the start of season 1 of The Camacho Experiment with action director Art Camacho. The first episode is entitled Grace Under Fire and features Female Kickboxing, boxing Pioneer and champion, Graciela Casillas who shares with Host Art Camacho the roadblocks and struggles she faced in and out of the ring growing up Latina in the 70s.

Episode 2 is called Benny is the “Jet” and has our host Art Camacho interviewing Eight-time world champion, Benny “The Jet” Urquidez; one of the most dominating figures in kickboxing history. Considered as one of the founders of karate’s new sport, Urquidez amassed over 200 fights and no losses.