Could The Raid 3 Work with Another Director?

I follow Gareth Evans on Instagram and was reading some comments on a post he did; as usual the inevitable question came up asking if we can ever expect a third Raid movie. Evans responded “highly unlikely I’m afraid. It doesn’t excite me in the way the first 2 did – and I can only make things that I can put my heart and soul into 100%. Sorry if that’s not the answer you might have wanted, but I sincerely hope whatever I do make next you enjoy.”

He then went on to say that he has “plans for something I want to make in 2020. Something of a throwback to the heroic bloodshed genre. Should be fun.”

Well, if it doesn’t excite him to work on The Raid 3 then that’s fair enough I guess and I’m interested in what he comes up with for the heroic bloodshed piece. My question is however, could The Raid series continue without him? Would you watch it with someone else in the driving seat? One user suggested the Mo Brothers (Headshot) while other ideas could be the likes of Benny Chan or Dante Lam although I think Dante Lam uses a little too much CG in his movies.