Director Roel Reine starts international streaming network ACTIONFLIX.COM

ACTIONFLIX.COM will be a streaming online TV station for action movies, documentaries and original series about the production of action movies.
Reine is also hosting a new original series called ‘Movie Creators’ what will be exclusive for ACTIONFLIX.COM. ‘Movie Creators’ will feature conversations between Reine and below and above the line crew members about their work on movie productions. Reine also placed six of his own low budget genre movies on this channel, including special versions of his award winning debut film ’The Delivery’ and a 90 minutes documentary about making this movie back in 1999.
ACTIONFLIX.COM should become a platform for independent productions and filmmakers to distribute their own genre movies and TV series, while keep owning the rights and split viewing revenues with Actionflix. The doors are open for filmmakers to bring their genre movies for distribution or for anyone to start filming original content for this new channel.
Roel Reine: “I think that the future of content consumption will be genre specific or creator specific streaming networks that will be controlled by the artists themselves. This one is my version of this future.
Roel Reiné has directed over 20 feature films and high profile American TV shows. His last two European features, ‘ADMIRAL’ with Charles Dance and ‘REDBAD’ with Jonathan Banks, were very successful at the box office, were well-reviewed and won several prestigious awards at film festivals. In the US, he has directed movies for all the major studios, such as ‘Dead in Tombstone’ with Mickey Rourke, and the very successful ‘Death Race’ sequels with Sean Bean. In TV, Reiné directed some of the most epic episodes of ‘Knighfall’ for History Channel and ‘Black Sails’ for Starz. For Marvel Television and ABC, Reiné directed the pilot off ‘Inhumans’ and, for Netflix, the upcoming action series ‘Wu Assassins’.