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Do Reviews Really Matter?

Even though we are all individuals we are still joined together by a few common factors that help us all to decide whether we should watch that new movie that has just be released or which are the best online casinos to play at, and one of the main things numerous people do to help them choose is either read reviews of the best UK slot sites or find a good review site for movies.

In fact, millions read them and the movie studios check them out too for positives to add to their advertising campaigns. But do reviews really matter?

The simple answer is yes, they still do matter. Ok, we know that there are some people who will go to watch a movie if their favourite actor is in it, even if the critics have panned it they will still want to make up their minds, but on the flip side of the coin there are those that will not watch a movie that has consistently poor reviews.

Google knows exactly how important reviews are to consumers and in a recent study nearly 90% of consumers commented that positive reviews influence their purchasing choices on goods and services.

Reviews are also a way for like-minded people to find critique about something that they are interested in and review sites give a diverse set of opinions, offering a wide spectrum of both positive and negative opinions.

By reading a movie review we hope to gain an insight to the movie or game and as most of us are naturally curious we are inclined to want to know what others also think about just about everything.

Sure, reviews act as an indicator on how good a movie or game is, but it should always be remembered that we can be looking for different things, so reading a review that has some type of marker for each of the components is a good idea.  Reviews should actually dissect the movie or game to be able to come to a conclusion whilst showing the reader how that conclusion was arrived at.

Facts are always welcomed, and a great many of us would not really want to go to a movie or buy a game without having at least some idea what it all was about. Accepting that the reviewer just might be biased is important, but at least we can get a few facts about who wrote it, who directed it and who’s in it if a movie, and who created and then developed it and who the software provider is, if a game.