Dune (2021) Music Score Review



There isn’t anything memorable about Hans Zimmer’s score for Dune as it is severely lacking in melody; it has a few interesting moments with the bagpipes a highlight but this is a score that will likely only work with the movie.

Review: Hello? Tune? Where are you? Dune has been one of my most anticipated movies and music scores of the year and I have to admit I am profoundly disappointed with Hans Zimmer’s score. It will likely be fine for the movie but there is no melody or leitmotif to speak of, so nothing sticks with you after listening.

I miss the days of legendary music scores where there would be a classic theme you could hum along with but sadly those days seem to be gone aside from a few exceptions.

There are a few intriguing tracks on Dune including Leaving Caladan, Gom Jabbar, Ripples in the Sand and Armada which features bagpipes… I did not see that coming but it made me temporarily nostalgic for home.

I was hoping that cool song from the first trailer would at least be on here bit it isn’t either. The score is mostly filled with some Arabic sounding chants and there are a few nice choral moments but it’s mostly just a tuneless drone that will be quickly forgotten.

Overall, the music score for Dune is a massive disappointment lacking any memorable themes; it has a few interesting moments but I miss when Hans Zimmer did incredible scores like Gladiator, The Rock and Crimson Tide.

1. Dream of Arrakis
2. Herald of the Change
3. Bene Gesserit
4. Gom Jabbar
5. The One
6. Leaving Caladan
7. Arrakeen
8. Ripples in the Sand
9. Visions of Chani
10. Night on Arrakis
11. Armada
12. Burning Palms
13. Stranded
14. Blood for Blood
15. The Fall
16. Holy War
17. Sanctuary
18. Premonition
19. Ornithopter
20. Sandstorm
21. Stillsuits
22. My Road Leads into the Desert