End of a Gun (2016) Review



End of a Gun is what you’d expect from a Seagal film with very little that will make you remember it.

Plot: A former DEA agent (Steven Seagal) strikes a deal to help a mysterious and seductive woman steal $2 million from a sadistic drug lord.

Review: It’s that time again where I tackle Sensei Seagal’s latest opus and today it’s the recent End of a Gun. This is obviously still pretty rotten but Seagal at least is the lead and isn’t dubbed even though he now sounds like a New Orleans stereotype who has eaten too much shrimp.

He mumbles his way through the film so you can barely comprehend what hes saying and there’s also something kinda creepy about him. He of course displays zero personality or emotion and and you won’t care what happens to him or his partner in crime Lisa played by former Sugababe Jade Ewen.

It’s actually not a total loss though as I enjoyed Florin Piersic Jr. who was the main villain Gage; he never loses his cool and is a suitably nasty piece of work. The story was a mess and some stuff made zero sense like I didn’t get the whole Mr. Vargas thing; there’s this mysterious bad guy who we never get to see and at the end of the movie he is never mentioned again. Did I miss something?

The fight scenes as you’d expect are mostly done with doubles and aren’t impressive in any way making it all feel rather dull and lacking any thrills.

Director Keoni Waxman seems to be the only filmmaker who can get Seagal to nearly put in some effort and compared to much of his other recent movies End of a Gun is mildly less painful to sit through.

Overall, I’m already bored talking about the film; there are so many other better movies out there and even if you’re a die hard Seagal fan (like me) then just go back and watch Marked for Death again instead.