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Exclusive Clip from Manny Perez’s LA SOGA SALVATION

Today we have an exclusive clip from LA SOGA SALVATION, written, directed, and starring Manny Perez (Pride & Glory, Homeland). The film originally premiered at the 2021 Toronto International Film Festival, where it screened in the Contemporary World Cinema section. The thriller also stars Chris McGarry (“Lucifer”), Juan Fernández (“The Collector”), Hada Vanessa (“La Bruja”), and Sarah Jorge Leon (“La Siete Muertes”).

Screen Media will release the film in Theaters & On Demand January 28th.

SYNOPSIS: Years after his last hit as a skilled and sought-after hitman under the alias La Soga, Luisito (Perez) has finally settled down with his girlfriend Lía (Sarah Jorge Leon) in a quiet seaside town. Unfortunately, his past isn’t done with him. When criminal contractor Jimmy Mac (Chris McGarry) finds himself in need of a skilled hitman to take out a powerful Dominican drug lord, he can think of no better man for the job than La Soga. Jimmy kidnaps Lía, leaving Luisito with no other choice than to re-enter the criminal underworld and take on a crew of dangerous killers, including a particularly mysterious assassin, Dani (Hada Vanessa), who has long awaited the chance to even the score with her rival, La Soga.