Eye for an Eye: The Blind Swordsman (2023) Review



Eye for the Eye: The Blind Swordsman is one of the best action movies of the year with killer action, regular fight scenes and memorable characters making this a movie I will happily revisit.

Plot: The blind “Ghostiller” Blind Cheng, who possesses great skills, meets a winery owner at her wedding but they are brutally attacked and she is abused. Despite not wanting to intervene initially, Blind Cheng begins to embark on the road to seek justice and revenge.

Review: I love when a movie comes out of nowhere and ends up being awesome and Eye for an Eye: The Blind Swordsman is one such movie. It’s essentially a mix of Zatoichi meets Daredevil with our blind hero using his other senses to know when danger is close.

What ensues is an hour and 17 minutes of sword fights and violence but also maintaining its heart and glorious visuals. This is a movie I will happily watch again over the months/years and Blind Cheng (Tse Miu) is one of my favourite martials arts heroes of the year. He is quite gruff and unsentimental but can take on dozens of opponents at once without breaking a sweat and I just love characters like that.

The fact this movie is just over an hour and 15 minutes itself is a huge bonus so there is no fat to the story but enough to make us care for the characters and have our minds blown at the awesome fight scenes.

The villains are truly evil and there is an implied rape scene but thankfully we don’t see anything, but we get the idea.

The atmosphere and visuals are out of this world with a gorgeous music score only adding to it.

Overall, Eye for an Eye: The Blind Swordsman is a must-see for fans of Zatoichi or just fans of awesome movies as this was a very pleasant surprise with memorable characters, sumptuous visuals and some epic action.