Family Flicks: Fun-Loving Weekend Movies and TV Shows

Prepare for an enchanting journey into the realm of family entertainment with our thoughtfully curated selection: Family Flicks: Fun-Loving Weekend Movies and TV Shows. This assortment is meticulously crafted for ease and enjoyment, ensuring a delightful weekend binge for all. Come along as we delve into a lineup tailored for maximum fun, maintaining a high level of excitement while keeping things refreshingly uncomplicated.

So, kick back, unwind, and let the weekend festivities unfold!

  1. Living for the Dead (Hulu)

Step aside, mundane TV, because Hulu has unleashed  Living for the Dead, where ghost hunting gets a glitzy makeover! Join us for the most spine-chilling, cheeky, and fabulous paranormal escapade ever. Our ghostly guru is none other than Kristen Stewart, ensuring more fab scares than a fashion show. With our brave Ghost Crew, get ready for ghostly giggles and haunted hilarity—it’s a wickedly good time. Released this Spooktober 18th – because what’s scarier than a ghost in killer outfits? Ready to join the spooky fun? See you there!

Living for the Dead is a supernatural joyride featuring five fabulously queer ghost hunters on a nationwide quest to help spirits and challenge norms. Meet the dazzling Ghost Crew led by Kristen Stewart, our intrepid guide. Brace yourself for frights, laughter, and a sprinkle of glitter as they explore famous haunts, connecting the living and the beyond. Think Queer Eye meets the supernatural, with Tarot readings, conjuring, and psychic showdowns. This groundbreaking series guarantees otherworldly adventures, unheard stories, and heartwarming connections. Dive into the binge-watch experience with the help of Hulu VPN because when these ghostbusters do their thing, even the spirits can’t resist the party!


  1. Candy Cruz (Max)

Get ready to dive into the scrumptious world of Candy CruzCandy Cruz,Candy Cruz the most delicious Max Original show of 2023! Serving up a blend of irony and taste, witness as Candy Cruz cooks up culinary dreams hotter than a sizzling skillet. Brace yourself for a flavour-packed journey that’ll have your taste buds begging for seconds.

Enter Candy Cruz, a mouth-watering Max Original show ready to spice up your screens! Follow the culinary maestro, Candy Cruz, whose dreams match the vastness of her flavour palette, as she embarks on a whirlwind of gastronomic challenges in pursuit of stardom. With a sprinkle of humour and a dash of drama, watch her whip up a storm while navigating the spicy realm of televised competitions. It’s an entertainment recipe that’ll leave you craving more delectable moments! This taste-filled adventure is on its way to Max, promising to satisfy your appetite for excitement. Get ready to indulge in the feast of Candy Cruz!


  1. Raid The Cage (Paramount)

Gear up for a whirlwind of excitement with Candy CruzRaid The CageCandy Cruz hitting Paramount! Get ready for the adrenaline-pumping action of contestants diving into a cage to grab anything from a toaster to a rubber duck—because that’s what we call thrilling TV now. Will they walk away with these epic ‘prizes’? The heart-pounding moments unfold as teams race against time, outmanoeuvring, outsmarting, and out-grabbing sought-after goods before The Cage doors slam shut. But here’s the twist: they can earn crucial extra seconds by answering trivia questions correctly, adding a shockingly strategic element.

It’s a wild shopping spree like no other, featuring everything from cold hard cash to flashy tech and even the chance to drive away in a brand-new car. The victorious team claims their loot after three intense rounds, progressing to the final battle for a shot at an even heftier cash reward. Strategy, teamwork, and sheer guts collide in Candy CruzRaid The Cage,Candy Cruz creating a frenzy of fun and potential wealth! Could you be the one raiding The Cage for jewels and glory? Tune in and find out!


  1. John Carpenter’s Suburban Screams (Peacock TV)

Prepare to have your peaceful suburban dreams shattered with the release of John Carpenter’s bone-chilling series, Candy CruzJohn Carpenter’s Suburban Screams.Candy Cruz This show takes you on a spine-tingling journey through seemingly idyllic neighbourhoods, exposing the sinister secrets lurking behind every white picket fence and smiling facade. Each episode unveils the dark side of suburban life, with real people sharing their harrowing experiences, vividly brought to life through cinematic reenactments and eerie archival footage.

John Carpenter’s Suburban ScreamsCandy Cruz is a masterful blend of real terror tales and Carpenter’s signature touch, turning ordinary suburban scenarios into nightmarish landscapes. From well-kept gardens casting dark shadows to seemingly pleasant neighbours concealing unimaginable horrors, the series delves into the depths of suburban normalcy, revealing grotesque masterpieces of fright.

Lock your doors and brace yourself for a thrilling ride through the horrors that lie beneath the surface of suburbia. Happy nightmares await as this bone-chilling series unfolds its dark secrets.


  1. Fright Krewe (Peacock TV)

Prepare for a spine-chilling adventure with the release of Fright Krewe. In the mystical heart of New Orleans, where every cobblestone hides dark secrets, a cursed Tree of Life has unleashed ancient evil! Enter Soleil Le Claire, an intrepid horror enthusiast, inadvertently breaking the age-old spell protecting the tree. This sets off a chain reaction, compelling Soleil and her eclectic gang of misfits to become unlikely heroes against the malevolent Belial, a demon feasting on fear, summoned from the spectral depths of Marie Laveau’s crypt.

For generations, vampires, rougarous, ghosts, and demons have lurked among humans, hidden in the shadows. Empowered with new abilities, the Krewe thrusts them into a world of supernatural horrors. Fright Krewe is a heart-pounding journey through the occult, where friendships are forged in the crucible of fear, and the line between hero and villain blurs in the fog of dread.
Get ready for a unique blend of terror, friendship, and the supernatural as Fright Krewe takes you on an unforgettable ride through the macabre streets of New Orleans.



  1. Savior Complex (Max)

Savior Complex is a documentary series that prompts reflection on the limits of divine intervention. Follow the journey of Renee Bach, a not-so-medically-qualified protagonist, attempting to make a difference in Uganda. The story unfolds as good intentions lead to a complicated situation, blurring the lines between humanitarianism and questionable choices. Premiering on Max, this documentary explores the irony surrounding acts of salvation.

This HBO series delves into the perplexing world of divine delusion and misguided heroism through the unbelievable tale of Renee Bach. A white American takes centre stage, arriving in Uganda, donning a medical coat, and declaring herself the savior of malnourished children. The narrative takes an unexpected turn as Bach, claiming divine guidance, provides medical treatment despite lacking qualifications. Controversy, accusations, and tragic consequences ensue, involving real-life characters, from outraged activists to bewildered locals. Savior Complex navigates the complex terrain of missionary zeal gone astray, questioning whether Bach’s divine calling leads to salvation or a confrontation with her own white savior complex. After viewing, you may find yourself contemplating the age-old adage: Are good intentions truly enough?