First Time Watch: Bangkok Revenge (2011)

I know, I know, I am ashamed of myself for never having seen this movie until Robb Antequera told my about it last week; so I jumped onto Tubi (which is really becoming the Netflix of action) and watched it over the weekend.

Bangkok Revenge (Also known as Rebirth) stars John Foo as Manit who after witnessing the brutal murder of his parents, is raised by a martial arts master who grooms him to be a lethal killer. Some 20 years later, it’s time to take revenge on the assassins who destroyed his childhood.

It’s nothing new storywise and is pretty generic stuff but what matters here are the fight scenes which are truly fantastic and made me wonder why Jon Foo isn’t a huge A-list action star by now. He has had a few successful roles but I would love to see him in John Wick or something similar; I enjoyed him in Extraction which is a Raid-esque actioner.

He has some incredible martial arts prowess and I’m pretty sure I sprained both my ankles three times just watching this movie. It’s very well paced and is around an hour and 20 minutes so it’s an easy watch that will keep you engaged throughout.

The English spoken scenes do come across as awkward at times with some ropey acting and dialogue some of which makes no sense so it would have been better to stick to Thai and keep the subtitles as it would be less distracting.

Not really much else to say; if you enjoy watching people getting punched and kicked in the face (and who doesn’t?) then Bangkok Revenge delivers the action goods.