Follow the Code … to WARRIOR ISLAND!

Where Great Warriors Are Discovered and Fans Have a Voice – With Comics, a TV Series, and an Upcoming Feature Film Warrior Island is Challenging Humanity!

On a mysterious island, Grand Masters of martial arts teach the TIKI CODE the Warrior Island Universe is comprised of a comic book series, a TV show, and swag merchandise. In the comics and TV show, the warriors are voted onto the island by the fans to go to WARRIOR ISLAND on a custom voting platform, through tryout videos on the Warrior Island YouTube Brand Channel as well as live fan attendance competitions. The fans watch the live competitions on Season 1 of Saga 1 of the show.  After the top 16 fighters are voted onto the show and into the comics, the fans get a view of the fighters’ lives and training in season 2 of saga one on the TV show as they prepare to go to the Island.

Each episode in season 2 the fans learn more and more about each warrior and coach and who they are – How they live, work, train and feel! During each episode the Red Ninjas from Warrior Island deliver a mystical scroll inviting the fighters to come to Warrior Island to learn the code!

In Season 3 of Warrior Island Saga 1 the fighters travel and train and compete on the island until only one can be the Ultimate Island Warrior.

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Warrior Island’s characters and heroes are all designed to challenge humanity by creating better heroes who represent the Tiki Code! The platform has already been successful through its TV shows and unique and successful COMIC BOOK SERIES.  The comic series has already published and sold over 250,000 copies on-line and at events like New York City Comic-Con. The action packed comic book series once again tells the story using real masters and warriors to fight evil and create a better world through the Tiki Code. Follow the Code!

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The Warrior Island live events attract up to 1,000 fans in person to watch the live competitions. The full first season has already broadcast on the Muscle & Fitness TV, the Dupont Network, as well as  Pay Per View Flix streaming TV Network  “Our captive audience can dig deeper into the series by interacting on the website, buying a digital or hard copy comic or getting some great gear in the trading post as well as joining our free fan experience,” says James Jefferson, creator of Warrior Island.

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Http://www.WarriorIsland.comWarrior Island has partnered with Israel “Izzy” Kalman – MS NCSP, a luminary in the field of bullying, who is gloablly revered. His books and programs have been taught in thousands of schools and programs around North America. Adding izzy to the team of masters and real life heroes “The Fighters” and Izzy’s Bullies to Buddies Program creates a force to change humanity.

With the upcoming WARRIOR ISLAND feature film from acclaimed screenwriter Sheldon Lettich (Bloodsport, Lionheart, Rambo III), an animated series and a video game on the horizon, WARRIOR ISLAND is on track to create a better and safer world, and is positioned to become a 500 million dollar property.