Franklin Correa’s Lyco Hits DVD Tomorrow

New Jersey filmmaker/actor and martial artist Franklin Correa’s horror/action flick Lyco is available on DVD from tomorrow in Best Buy, Walmart, Target and major retailers. Personally I think it needs a VHS release but that’s just me.

The film is about an illegal courier service that’s hired to deliver an ancient relic believed to have supernatural powers. Lethal couriers Bobby (Franklin Correa) and Darius (Terrance Epps) along with their boss Chucho (Jorge Valentin) find themselves hunted by assassins, a serial killer voodoo priest (Macquell James) and terrifying supernatural forces.

LYCO entangles horror, action and a little comedy, paying homage to Correa’s favorite director John Carpenter. Correa hired Horror director Marc Fratto (Hellfire) to compose the films score giving the feel of a eighties soundtrack. Fratto of Insane-o-rama productions also served as the films director of photography and editor.