Frogmen: Operation Stormbringer (2002) Review

A Fun Ride


Frogmen: Operation Stormbringer may not have any big name stars but it’s still an entertaining mid-budget action picture with enough explosions and shoot-outs to keep you engaged.

Plot: The U.S. Navy Seals are out to eliminate a terrorist bomber before the latter can find a cluster bomb from the Albanians.

Review: I always loved seeing the Nu Image logo before movies in the late 90s’/early 00’s; it felt like Cannon Films that way where you just knew were you going to be in for an explosive good time.

Frogmen is one such movie and could easily be a spin-off from the Operation Delta Force franchise as it feels just like it in terms of story and characters. It’s your typical men on a mission movie as they try to stop a terrorist called Casper from detonating a bomb on US soil as an act of revenge.

What’s interesting is that Casper is not just doing it because he’s crazy but he has genuine motivations for being as angry as he is which makes him an interesting antagonist. I also liked Daisy Lang as his henchman Anya but she was disposed of a little too quickly at the end and we could have had a cool fight scene which is a missed opportunity.

Our team of SEALs aren’t especially exciting or memorable and the film lacks star power but I still love these mid-budget action pictures that we rarely see anymore. The action is well done with regular explosions and shoot-outs and they pack in some decent set pieces into the 90 minute runtime. Its brisk pacing keeps things moving and although it’s hardly classic action cinema Frogmen is still an entertaining watch.

Overall, Frogmen may lack recognizable names for mainstream audiences but I do enjoy men on a mission movies and this is a fun time with a decent villain who has interesting motivations which make him more human. There are regular real explosions, tanks and shoot-outs so there are worse ways to spend 90 minutes on a Saturday night.