From pixels to chips – the evolution of casino games in the digital age

While many gamblers have not yet forgotten the advent of the first online casinos, where you could play with a deposit £2 get free spins, the industry has already moved on. While being one of the most conservative leisure activities, gambling is constantly being modernised. And while some of the changes are subtle, as they affect only the technical aspect, it’s hard not to notice the progress.

Efficient management and self-organised platforms

The digitalisation of casinos has given players a lot to play for. Even the very ability to play for free only came about after gambling moved to the internet – a real casino will not allow a guest who has no plans to spend money. Other significant advantages have also emerged:

The right to choose a brand without having to spend time on the road;

  • the ability to play, even with only a few minutes to spare;
  • bonuses, including no deposit or minimum deposit bonuses;
  • a huge selection of machines, the full range of which cannot be accommodated by the largest gambling hall.


The downside is that you have to buy your own champagne to comfortably wait for the ball to stop on the roulette wheel, and even when playing in a real room it’s difficult to see behind the nicknames of real people.

But with the development of online management and effective management systems, players are getting a stronger sense of how the casino’s administrators are treating them. The automated system calculates loyalty points and awards gifts for activity and loyalty on a timely basis.

The same system will not forget a player’s birthday and will send him an email with freespins. Players who haven’t logged on to the platform for a long time will receive an invitation with a reminder and a gift. It would be impossible to control this amount of information manually, so users owe almost all of the bonus programmes to the automation.

Graphics and 3D animation

The field of visualization has undergone the most significant changes. Simple images that froze on the screen after spinning the reels, in the past. Modern simulators are as good as animated movies. Many players choose a slot just because of the visuals, although for some it is still important only the technical part and the payoff. Hybrids of real games and slots and augmented reality games are particularly spectacular on screen. Live dealer rooms replicate the full casino atmosphere, with the user also wagering their chips and getting paid into a virtual account. Though these rooms have restrictions regarding promotions, the game still turns out to be incredibly exciting.

Encryption and personal data protection

There have been some serious, though unnoticed by most users, changes to security. Those who bet a little bit and are happy to get 10 pounds free no deposit do not care about them, but high rollers are primarily interested in the level of security. They want to know that deposited funds will not leak to third parties as well as personal data will not leak and be used by cybercriminals.

Most quality websites now have multiple layers of cryptographic protection. Cryptography and digital technology control the giveaway system as well. In modern online casinos, one can be sure that all combinations are formed fairly and unpredictably. The random number generator is truly unbiased.

New Payment Instruments

At online casinos, all payment instruments are also remote. The already familiar set of financial tools are:

  • bank cards and quick transfer systems;
  • Online banking and account transfers;
  • electronic wallets.


In the last few years new options have been added to this list – QR code transfers, quick payments. The number of assets that can be used to pay at casinos has also increased. Whereas previously only fiat in different currency equivalents were considered, now it is possible to deposit in cryptocurrency as well. Bitcoin or monero have become as familiar a means of payment as dollars or euros. This modern payment equivalent also pushes the boundaries – the tax authorities in most countries do not consider such an asset as income and are not included in calculating the tax mass.

Artificial Intelligence in the Online Gaming Industry

The year 2023 can confidently be called the year of artificial intelligence. It has appeared in almost every sphere. Bots respond to users, they also draw unique images. In terms of organisation, artificial intelligence can calculate risk and more accurately determine the volatility levels of each slot. This will allow the casino to spend more rationally and offer new entertainment and bonuses to players with the allocated amounts.

Rapid steps forward increase the relevance of new casino brands. By making sure that the gaming room is licensed, it’s safe to play, even if the chosen brand has no reviews or track record. Technological innovations offer plenty of advantages.