Online casino and bingo sites have always been influenced by Hollywood and have adapted in a lot of movies into various casino games. This time it is the turn for Geostorm, another game based on the sci-fi action flick recently released. Before you play the game, let us have a small review of the actual Hollywood movie and whether it is at all worth watching. Frankly, there are scores of sci-fi movies that get released each year and the plot is more or less the same: aliens, predators, unknown space travel and so on. So, what does Geostorm have in it to get worth a watch at a cinema? Let us see.

The theme of Geostorm seems to be a kind of remake of the Spielberg classic Jaws but with more spooky elements. To be candid Dean Devlin who is the writer and director would have thought on arousing the audience interest through a killer shark theme, but he seems to have forgotten the elements that go into making a great sci-fi film as Jaws. The plot centres around a deadly shark that savages the shores. The team led by Richard Dreyfuss tries to fight with the shark to prevent its arrival and can successfully ward off the savage. Everything takes place as per the plot, but it seems the whole setting gets wrong somewhere.


Movie revolves around Jake Lawson 

The hero of the film is Jake Lawson played by Gerard Butler, who is portrayed as a single dad who plays the usual ‘cop on the edge’ character. Now Butler does not have much to do with this film than keep content with some stale dialogues. There are other characters too and each tries to do their bit, but somehow get lost in the plot. In various casinos and online bingo sites, we may again see the adaptation of all these characters.  We may also see some sci-fi elements, such the tornado clouds, the weather computers getting haywire or the earth being at the risk of destruction.


As the film goes on, the audience instead of becoming thrilled starts to get boring. Thanks to the ludicrous plot, out of the ordinary scenes with no continuation, you seem to start feeling restless for the movie to end. The script does not seem to make any sense after all. While we see the attacking shark in one scene, in the very next we find some malfunctioned weather computer. The audience seems to be in a fix about relating one scene with the other. Amid these, we also have a bit of romance with Jack’s younger brother wooing a secret service-woman. Indeed, something to be more confusing!


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