Great Life Lessons Learned From Action Movies

Many people praise action movies for their adrenaline-pumping fighting scenes and heroic actions.

But there’s one more thing action movies are good at – imparting great life lessons!

You might not realize this when you watch them initially. When you think about their true meaning, there is always something related to life.

Combining fun and meaning can be a difficult task but action movies achieve this beautifully.

Let us take a look at some of their life lessons!

The Hero Doesn’t Always Stand Out From The Crowd

When people think of heroes in action movies, they think of people who wear capes or carry a bunch of guns.

The truth is a person who is unnoticed by the world can go on to become a hero.

Let us take the example of the famous classic ‘Spiderman’. The main character and hero Peter has very humble beginnings. He wasn’t popular in school, was bullied by some and didn’t even have parents.

However, on a visit to the Columbia University Genetics Lab, he gets bitten by a spider and his life changes forever.

The heroes themselves don’t know what is coming for them.

There is Always Someone You Can Trust

If you have been feeling a little negative about people lately, this one’s for you.

We always hear people say how you can never trust anyone.

Action movies teach us one important thing – no matter how bad and corrupted the world is, there is always someone you can trust.

We have seen iconic heroes who were only able to achieve things because of their trusted sidekick or friend.

Some of the iconic duos are Indiana Jones and Indy (Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom), Maverick and Goose (Top Gun), Dom Toretto and Brian O’Connor (Fast and Furious).

All the major heroes in action movies have had to lean on others or get someone’s help. The bottom line is everyone needs help.

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Your Loved Ones Matter

No matter how much fame or money one has, it’s always the loved ones who play the pivotal role in one’s life.

In the challenges and journeys of life, it is easy to get caught up and forget about the people who matter to us.

In many movies, we have witnessed heroes win battles but still break down in tears when they know that their loved one has died.

At the end of ‘Amazing Spider Man 2’, we witness Peter break down when his girlfriend  Gwen Stacey dies in the battle scene.

Keep your achievements close but keep your loved ones closer.

You Will Find Friends When You Least Expect It

For people who have a hard time making friends, we hope this gives you some kind of comfort!

We witness many strange and out-of-the-blue friendships in action movies. One notable example would be Nick Nolte and Eddie Murphy in the movie ‘48 Hrs’.

It introduced the concept of ‘buddy cop’ in movies.

Batman disliked Superman in the beginning (Batman v Superman : Dawn of Justice) but the two of them ended up being good friends.

Don’t be disheartened if you had huge expectations of making a lot of friends in a certain phase of life and ended up getting disappointed.

Someone will show up when you least expect it.

Everything Will Work Out In The End

Despite the many heartbreaking moments we witness in action movies, everything works out in the end.

After the dozens of car explosions, fights and deaths, we witness the characters settle down and take a huge breather.

It symbolizes the end of a difficult era and the beginning of a calm one where we realize that everything is fine.


Next time you watch a movie with some kind of action, don’t forget to look out for a deeper meaning!

You can also make note of them and refer back whenever you need some kind of motivation.