How are online casinos rated? Gamblingfellas as a guide

Gamblingfellas is a specialized site that evaluates and compares all online casinos available online. A team of experts works to provide customers with information and advice, so they can decide which of the available online casinos is right for their needs and goals. The material available at is comprehensive and covers all the important details of determining which casino to go to.


How does Gamblingfellas evaluate online casinos?

Gamblingfellas provides a comprehensive evaluation of each of the online casinos available. To ensure an excellent experience, the site’s professionals conduct in-depth research, gathering a wealth of information that is then used to compile the rankings. Reviewers evaluate the site’s design, clarity of information, availability of games and attractive promotions. The users of Gamblingfellas are guaranteed that the rated casinos are not subject to fraud and are safe to use.

Experts make a list of the highest rated gambling sites for the reviewer. The list includes licensed clubs that offer safe online slot games with comfortable conditions. The rating is based on a thorough analysis of popular casinos and evaluation of several critical criteria that guarantee its authenticity.


What are the characteristics of a useful reviewer?

In order to provide Gamblingfellas users with the highest quality reviews and recommendations possible, the company hires experts with years of experience in gambling and betting. These people understand not only the games themselves, but also how online casinos work. Gamblingfellas experts scrutinize the site, evaluating several important points such as bonus offers, game availability, withdrawal and deposit options, speed of technical support, withdrawal speed, bonuses and promotions, acceptance: bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, and the availability of games and casinos on mobile devices.


Ranking methods

Online casino rankings take into account a number of factors. Gamblingfellas is a platform that lists various games, offers and other factors that influence online casino rankings. Among others, these include technical support, compatibility with mobile devices, withdrawals and deposits, variety of gaming options, data security and privacy, and transparency of information on the sites.

With Gamblingfellas, all Internet users can get information that clearly indicates which casino is best suited for their purposes. Each online casino is rated on both an individual and objective level. The digital rankings have a number of requirements, including having the best and most reliable games that offer an unforgettable experience.

Experts collect and scrutinize data about an individual casino, verifying its accuracy. The following parameters influence the construction of the rating.


  • License to operate;
  • Bonus program;
  • Assortment of games and providers;
  • Convenience of payment methods, conditions and limits;
  • Technical support;
  • Feedback from participants, left on various sites.


The level of reliability demonstrated by the casino is related to the standard of encryption services offered.  In addition, a random number generator is a must for any leading casino on the reviewer’s list.


How to use the platform?

Gamblingfellas is designed to be simple and accessible for everyone. Users can choose their favorite games, find the right bonus offer and activate it in their account. The platform also offers comments and tips to help many players choose the right casino and the right games. Gamblingfellas can also be used as a risk management measure. As an active user of this site, one can learn more about the risks and ratings of available online casinos, allowing one to play more consciously.


What casino ratings can be trusted?

Not every selection of clubs offers reliable data. Some tops take into account only the popularity of institutions and are based on user reviews. This does not give a complete picture:

  • Feedback could be left directly by the employee of the institution. For online clubs is a good way to quickly gain rating, promote yourself and attract new customers.
  • Comments could have been bought. This applies to both positive and negative opinions. The latter are bought by competitors to lower the rating of a competent project.

In order for the evaluation to be reliable, the clubs must change places in the rankings, with comprehensive information provided to each club. This evaluation must take into account variables such as incoming player bonuses, the loyalty program, the variety of tournaments and lotteries, and the features of the gaming software.

Transparency of draws cannot be guaranteed by new gambling platforms alone; therefore, it is very important to understand that a trustworthy top casino consists of more than just them. Even if new operators often pay for promotion, it does not necessarily mean that they are transparent.


Gamblingfellas is a professional website that provides comprehensive and unbiased online casino reviews. It employs only the best experts in the field to create work that all users will appreciate. This platform is a great place for gambling as it is able to bring players together and provide them with all kinds of information and advice.