How Is Technology Innovation Impacting Gambling Addiction

How Is Technology Innovation Impacting Gambling Addiction, has taken advantage of the smartphone’s increasing power.

Social networking has also not been forgotten, as gambling industry sees this as an important avenue in order to attract new customers. Facebook saw the first gambling option open up in August 2012 and it has since received a lot of attention.

Texas Hold ‘Em Poker is an extremely popular game on Facebook with more than 24 million players across the world. Even when the games on social networking sites do not involve money, they at least do the job of introducing players to such games.

New Options Provide New Problems

The emergence of online gambling has led to players spending more time on aspects like the poker games. Earlier, it used to be a cumbersome experience to travel a lot and play these games at a physical casino. Since they are now available at the touch of a button, it makes it easier for players to find these games and this invariably leads to a lot of time being spent.

It is estimated that some of the players even spend up to 12 hours a day playing the games, thus leading to the problem of addiction. Gambling via the social networking sites has also emerged as a major trend to worry.

Solutions for Gambling Addiction

Luckily, technology has also improved in areas where monitoring people is quite easy if they are on a smartphone. Gambling addiction is a serious problem in all parts of the world. In order to avoid this issue, even casinos are resorting to options like tracking behavioural data. Aspects like the time spent by a player on a specific game, the amount of money he bets, and the money won or lost during a specific period are all gathered using the same technology.

There are instances of this data is being used in the wrong manner by promoting the same game even more excessively. However, it is also used to limit the time spent by a player so as to decrease the probability of addiction.

Behavioural tracking has emerged as one of the best options to identify gambling addiction. It does not become a serious problem if identified quickly, and this data helps in this regard.

Help from Online Means

Once it becomes clear that a player is addicted, help can also be provided by the same technology that probably led to the addiction in the first place. Things such as online therapy can help a lot, but the best answer is websites where you can play the same pokies for free. Look at for more info on this topic.

Even though there are some disadvantages to the idea of online therapy, it is nonetheless a tool that can be used to reduce addiction. It is also cost-effective, convenient, and helps the player avoid the social stigma of being categorised as an addict. Ironically, the same elements that transform a normal person into an addict for online gambling can come to his rescue.

Playing demos will only alleviate stress, boredom while letting those addicted gamblers enjoy their favourite titles.

Wrapping It Up

Technology has enabled online gambling industry, which is estimated to contribute around 20% of the $250 billion revenue produced by the industry worldwide, grow rapidly in the past few years. The growth percentage is expected to increase, and not to decrease, in the coming years.

While there are disadvantages to this growth, it is important that newcomers to the world of online gambling should see this industry is a way to kill time while possibly winning some money in the process and nothing more. If done carefully, the world of online gambling could pay rich dividends.