How To Learn Algebra Fast: A Proven Method For Success

Algebra is a branch of mathematics that is used to represent a given problem or situation in the form of mathematical expression. Algebra uses mathematical statements to describe the relationship between various things that vary. Algebra uses letters or variables to represent unknown values that can change. The main purpose of algebra is to find the value of the unknown valuable and to find a solution to a given problem. Algebra is one of the most common topics most students need help with; most students need help understanding and learning algebra. Below are some of the tips that will help students struggling with mastering algebra to master algebra faster.

Improve Your Basic Math Skills

To master algebra faster, make sure to review your basic math operation, as algebra requires basic math skills such as adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing. Reviewing basic math operations is essential before starting to learn algebra. Having these skills mastered will help in tackling complex algebra concepts. It is optional to be great at doing these basic mathematical operations in your head to understand algebra problems since most of the algebra classes will also require you to use a calculator to save time when doing these basic math operations.

Understand the Order of Operation.

One of the most challenging things about algebra, and mostly to beginners, is knowing where to start. There is a specific order to be followed while solving algebra problems. This order states that you should first do any math operation in parentheses, followed by exponents, multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction. The easiest way to remember this operation order is to use the acronym PEDMAS, where P stands for parentheses, E for Exponents, D for Division, M for multiplication, A for Addition, and S for Subtraction. This order of operation is very important while solving algebra problems; failure to use this order can affect the answers in algebra.


As with any mathematical topic, the best way to master something faster and get better is to practice. Try to find algebra practice problems online or in the workbooks. Also, make sure you attend all your algebra classes and do your classwork and homework. By attending all your classes, your teacher will serve as a good source of extra practice problems.

Develop Tricks to Remember Algebra Rules.

One good thing about algebra is that the algebra rules never change; despite how difficult a problem may seem, if you understand the rules to solve it, it becomes easy to solve the problem. However, it may be challenging to remember which rule to apply in which algebra problem. The best way to make sure that you easily remember all the rules is to set some time to review all the rules and then come up with a way to remember these rules. You can create rhymes for each rule to remember them better later and try to create an acronym for the rules. This will help in minimizing confusion and helps in retaining all the steps while solving algebra problems.

Learn Alternative Shortcuts

Instead of trying to learn a bunch of tricks, try to find out if alternative tricks already exist. There are higher possibilities of the existence of an alternative shortcut and strategy to approach an algebra problem like the one you are working on. Take time to research various alternative algebra shortcuts and try to put these alternative shortcuts into practice. Practicing these alternatives and testing them is important to see whether or not the tricks are of use or not.

Join A Study Group

Join a study group; study groups can support other students learning the same material. Students can help each other with homework and take-away quizzes through study groups. With the use of study groups, students will be better prepared to handle even complex algebra problems. This can also help students learn various approaches to addressing algebra problems. Through study groups, students can also learn unique tricks and learn how to recall rules.

Learn From Your Mistakes.

Learning is a process, and it does not happen all of a sudden; learning algebra may require some time and practice. Don’t be discouraged by failing to understand algebra in the first lesson. Take some time, make mistakes, correct them, and learn through this process. Always take your mistakes as part of learning; this will not help in learning algebra fast but also enhance problem-solving skills.

Get Help When Needed


If you get stuck while trying to solve a given algebra problem, it is okay to ask for help. Even if you understand the concept, you may need extra guidance to lead you in the right direction. Consider getting a math tutor or seeking help from your professor. Algebra is a topic that requires extra aid outside of the classroom. By getting extra help outside of the classroom, students can learn multiple ways to approach algebra problems. The method you learn inside your classroom may not be the best method for you, with outside tutors or help can be just what you need to know algebra fast.

Practice Regularly

Algebra is one of the main branches of mathematics that every student is required to learn. Learning algebra can take much of the student’s time; it can also be a tiresome process. However, with the use of gina wilson all things algebra 2014, students can learn various tips to master algebra without having to waste much of their time. Practicing regularly is the other way to learn algebra fast is to practice regularly. Makes sure to set aside dedicated study time each day to solve various algebra problems to reinforce your understanding.

In conclusion, algebra is one of the common topics that most students at all levels struggle to learn. However, by improving their basic math skills, understanding the order of operations, having regular practice, developing tricks to easily remember algebra rules, learning alternative shortcuts, joining study groups, learning from previous mistakes, and getting help when needed, students can easily learn how to master algebra faster and without much struggles.