How to View Instagram Stories Privately

 Discover Websites for Anonymous Viewing of Instagram Stories

If you want to watch Instagram Stories without leaving any traces, there are specialized websites that allow you to do so without the need for downloads or account connections. Instead, you can simply copy the link to the desired profile and paste it into one of the websites mentioned below:

Instagram Viewer StoriesIG

GramSnap Downloader

IGAnony Viewer



These platforms function similarly. By inputting the profile link, you gain access to a list of all the stories and can view them anonymously.

Please bear in mind that this method is only applicable to public profiles. If the page is private, you won’t be able to access their Stories.


Opt for “Add Account” to Watch Instagram Stories Privately

Creating a new account provides another option for anonymous viewing. You can use the same phone number associated with your main account during the registration process. However, it’s crucial not to link your new account to your Facebook profile to avoid detection. For added security, you can set the new account to private.

Just like the previous method, this alternative allows you to watch the stories of public profiles exclusively.


Utilize Apps for Android and iOS to Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously


Certain apps, which usually require Instagram account connections, enable anonymous viewing of stories. The steps typically involve connecting your Instagram account, searching for the desired profile, and accessing their stories through the app.

It’s important to understand the risks associated with connecting your account to third-party apps, such as the potential for hacking or account suspension. Additionally, these apps may change their policies, rendering anonymous viewing no longer possible. Therefore, it’s recommended to proceed with caution and only use these apps if you are willing to accept the associated risks.

However, some apps listed below allow you to view stories anonymously, even from private profiles, after connecting your Instagram account.

Instastalker: This app provides free access to any stories on Android, while on iOS, only the latest stories are available for free. Saved stories (in the “Highlights” section) require a paid version of the app priced at $10.

Story Saver for Instagram: This app allows free viewing of all stories but requires authorization through your Instagram account.

Profile Plus+: This app doesn’t necessitate connecting an Instagram account. However, only the latest stories are available for free. To access saved stories, a monthly subscription is available for $10.


Note: Exercise caution when using these apps and websites as they are not officially endorsed by Instagram, and their functionality may change or pose risks to your account.