How to Write a Movie Analysis

Everybody might find what they’re looking for in a movie, whether it be a journey through time, romance, comedy, drama, or action. Therefore, it appears that most pupils find writing a movie analysis to be among their most intriguing tasks. Writing a movie analysis essay is a less terrifying task for students who are afraid of writing essays since it enables them to discuss something that most people appreciate. This article aims to show you how to write a movie analysis and steer clear of common errors.

8 Steps on How to Write a Movie Analysis Essay

It would help to consider the movie’s composition while writing a movie analysis—the many elements and decisions that combine to form the completed product. In addition to analyzing the movie as literature, movie analysis also examines editing, costume choices, sound elements, set design, lighting, and camera angles to support its claims. This post provides a step-by-step guide for writing a movie analysis.

Pick a movie

Consider carefully the movie you would want to analyze if your instructor gives you that choice. The majority of us would undoubtedly pick a favorite. Although it isn’t required, you are welcome to write a review on a movie you don’t enjoy and indicate why. This approach might be unique and new, earning you additional points.

Watch the Movie

It’s crucial to watch the movie critically and attentively. Think about the purpose behind your assignment to watch a movie and write an analysis. What role does this assignment play in the course? Why were you given this specific movie to watch? What do you need in relation to the course material? Below are the ways you can analyze a film critically:

  • Watch the movie at least once with total concentration. Pay great attention to the little details and make observations that can spark further in-depth inquiries.
  • Re-watch the movie. Review your course notes before this re-watching because you want to concentrate on the aspects of movie analysis your class has covered. For example, whose viewpoint is this movie recorded from? What choices best reflect that viewpoint? What is the movie’s overarching theme, tone, or impact?
  • Take notes while you re-watch it. Including timestamps in your notes will allow you to track what you saw and when you observed it. Having a timestamp is essential for citing a movie scene.

Research the film

Creating a movie takes a lot of time and effort, and many people are involved, so the filming process is generally intriguing. Learn as much as you can about the shooting process. Is it a new story, a remake, or a retelling? Does a book inspire the plot? What was the budgetary limit? How has the cast evolved over the process? Choose two or three of the fascinating production-related facts to include in your essay.

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Analyze the movie

Establish your thoughts on the movie by reflecting on all you observed in it. Is there a social context in the film? What was the movie’s original concept, and how well did the producers execute it? Pay attention to the filming techniques and equipment employed. For instance, vertigo is a unique zoom effect that can be easily seen in Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho, which he also produced and directed. Consider which actor most impressed you and why. Examine and compare this role with their prior work. Discuss with your peers or relatives about the movie you selected to acquire new insights to support your viewpoint or to hear a different perspective.

Create a review outline

You must draft a film analysis essay outline after watching and perhaps re-watching your assigned or preferred film from an analytical perspective. Your outline should resemble one for an article or literary analysis.

  • Introduction – This gives a general overview of the film, such as its release date, director, and title. Further, you should include your thesis statement and major themes or concepts from the film.
  • Summary – In this section, you should spend some time outlining the main ideas in the film, such as the five Ws (why, where, when, what, and who)—and how—as well as anything you want to talk about concerning the perspective, structure, and style.
  • Analysis – This section of the essay contains your critical analysis of the film, your reasons for liking or disliking it, and any evidence from the movie that strengthens your arguments. It would be beneficial to discuss whether the film’s writer and director succeeded in their intended objective.
  • Conclusion – In this section, you may restate your thesis and offer a new, more compelling approach to summarizing the main ideas and advocating for your analysis. Additionally, you may add a call-to-action that will urge the reader to either watch the film or ignore it.

Write your review

You can write your review now that you’ve completed your study and organized your work. Combine your ideas and justifications while adhering to the previously written outline. Don’t give away the ending since some readers may not have watched the movie yet. Instead, provide a general overview of the film so that readers can understand what issues could develop from it. Write down the critical topics you agreed with and disagreed with. Support your arguments using examples and evidence. Discuss the film’s uniqueness and contrast it with other movies of the same genre, movies dealing with the same issue, or movies made by the same director.

Edit the final draft

Take a break after finishing your film analysis essay. A small break before the final reading and editing will enable you to approach it from a new perspective. Go through your writing multiple times. Inspect your work for typographical errors, grammatical errors, presentational order, and adherence to our tips and the lecturer’s requirements.