Indie Feature: Red Hood It

In what is one of the most bonkers (but awesome) ideas I’ve seen for a while “Red Hood It” follows the nocturnal activities of the brutal vigilante Red Hood as he investigates a string of child disappearances and faces off against the demonic clown Pennywise from It.


About the Project: “Red Hood IT” is part of our new “Robot Underdog Presents” series where we feature other independent filmmakers! Our goal with this series is to support other indie filmmakers and nerds like us by providing a platform to show their films! Anyone can submit – even you!


Written, directed and shot by Hisonni Johnson and Alberto Triana, and starring Noel Schefflin as Jason Todd, Pennywise The Clown by Jeremy Boone, Veronica Mistuk as Berverly Marsh, and Danny Shepard as Nightwing aka Dick Grayson. Set design by Jeff Zampino, edited by Hisonni Johnson with sound design and music by John McClain, James Von Boldt, Zaiaku and Dog and Pony Studio, and costume design by Guy Caldwell and Garagefx.