Indie Feature: The Flood (2023)

Plot: A daring jail break during a dangerous Louisiana hurricane is interrupted by a horde of large hungry alligators.

I’ve been meaning to do a write-up for The Flood but was so busy doing interviews it slipped my mind, but today I final have time to give my thoughts on the film directed by Brandon Slagle.

The Flood is a fun throwback to classic action movies of old feeling like a crossover of Crawl meets Con Air. Nicky Whelan plays our appealing lead, Sheriff Jo Newman who is forced to work with some convicts to escape killer gators during a deadly storm.

The cast includes Casper Van Dien and Louis Mandylor who can always be relied on to make any movie awesome.Casper plays felon Russell Cody who may or may not be the only hope the Sheriff has of surviving the night.

I’ve read other reviews that have criticized the visual effects in The Flood and admittedly it does take you out of a few moments as it is noticeable CGI but I’ve seen plenty worse. We still get some good, gory kills and the cast were actually in that water for real as Nicky mentioned in our recent interview.

I liked how the tone stays serious and doesn’t go for all-out silliness which you could easily do in a tale like this and I think if it had a larger budget there could have been some bigger set-pieces.

In terms of action we get a couple of fight scenes and various gator attacks; we’re also wondering who can be trusted and who are the real villains which keeps things moving. The runtime is pleasingly brisk too at around 90 minutes, so that’s another point in the film’s favour.

Overall, The Flood does exactly what it sets out to do giving us an entertaining creature feature with some decent kills and a great cast.