Interview: Scout Taylor-Compton Talks The Best Man

Scout Taylor-Compton (Rob Zombie’s Halloween) is part of the all-star cast in the new actioner The Best Man from director Shane Dax Taylor; it also stars Luke Wilson, Dolph Lundgren, Nicky Whelan and Brendan Fehr.

Plot: When a team of ruthless mercenaries violently seize control of a remote resort hotel, former Special Ops soldiers attending their best friend’s wedding must rely only on their wits and training to combat the terrorists and save the hostages held for ransom. 

Scout plays Hailey and she stopped by to chat with me about her character and the movie.

Hi Scout, great to meet you. I’m a big fan of your podcast with Danielle Harris – Talk Scary to Me.

Oh thank you, this is where I record it, as you can tell.


Yeah, where it all happens. Awesome posters in the background. So, today we’re talking about your latest film The Best Man, what was it that appealed about the project to you?

I think it was the script, the writing was so amazing. It was just very captivating. The cast was really cool as well. So, I think it was kind of a an easy “yes” for me to do. Nicky Whelan actually called me and she told me that she was attached to this movie and that they were going to call me and she’s like, “please do it”. As soon as I heard she was attached, I was like, Yeah, let’s go have some fun.

I actually loved your character Hailey, I liked her confidence. Can you tell us just a little bit about her for those who haven’t seen the movie yet?

Yeah, I mean, Hailey is me. She’s the maid of honor to the bride. She is quite spunky, very flirtatious, very confident, goes after what she wants, for sure. She also doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty. Which was really, really key to me. I just didn’t want her to come across as this helpless girl. I wanted her to still be able to hold her own if she needed to.


Was there any of your own personality you put into her?

Yeah. I mean, I’m not what you call a daddy’s girl (laughs). That was apparent in the first scene where she was asking about her cell phone and stuff. That’s not me at all but I added a lot of playfulness to Hailey, that is very much me. I think you can see it very much in the pool scene that Brendan and I had. That actually was only supposed to be a scene that we did in the Jacuzzi, like sitting next to each other. I came to Shane, the director and I was like, “Hey, can we make this a little bit more playful?” I had this idea of pulling him into the pool and making it a little bit more fun. I’m so glad that we did because I think it adds so much more like I said, playfulness to Brendan and myself that I think adds to those characters. I think it just felt like a different dynamic between Brendan and myself and Luke and Nikki.


She also pulls Brendan out of himself as well, because he was very quiet at first. We know why when you watch the movie, but I love that she helped him be more confident as well.

Yeah, and I think that’s a lot of like me when I’m dating someone. I’m very much a free spirit and I like to pull people out of their shell a little bit like “come on, it’s not that scary over here. Don’t be shy (laughs)”.

How did you find working with Shane Dax Taylor, the director?

Oh, I loved Shane, I really, really did. He was such a laid-back sort of director which is really great for my sort of acting; I really like to play around and he’s all for it. I think that just creates for a more family dynamic when creating this sort of movie. If a director and an actor can work together and kind of create the scene together I think it just adds more harmony, if you will.


So, he was all for it if you wanted to improvise something?

Yeah, I mean, how many actors do you know stay to the words (laughs)? I mean, especially when you’re doing an independent movie. When you’re dealing with a lot of these movies, the actors tend to go off script a little bit and so when you have a director that’s really chill, he just kind of makes it easier.


It makes it more natural I think as well particularly dialogue making it sound more human.

Yeah, exactly.


I love seeing you in the action genre. Would you like to do more roles in the genre?

Yes, I mean, anytime that there’s a stunt I’m like, I want to do it. My whole thing is physicality. I love that fast pace. I’m about to marry a stuntman so I think it’s very, very fitting. I mean, I’m really attracted to Resident Evil, Alien, and those types of movies; that would be my dream. This kind of had a little bit of that element in it. It was fast paced and actiony but yeah, I would love to do way more of that kind of stuff. I love fight scenes like that; they’re my favorite things to do on set.


Was there anything cut from the final film that you regret or did everything you shoot pretty much end up in it?

I think the ending was cut; the ending ended a little bit differently. But I think that was just because we ran out of time because the shoot was so short. A lot of the actors had prior things so our schedule was kind of all over the place with like, who was available when? How many days do we have them? It was kind of like a game in itself trying to figure out when all the actors were on set, where they were, what they’re filming with A cameras here, B cameras there. Yeah, so the ending did change a little bit and I really liked that ending too, but we just didn’t have any time, unfortunately.

What would you like audiences to take from the film?

I just want them to have a good time. I just really want them to buckle up and go in for the ride.  I want them to just have a good time as that’s what these types of movies are for. I mean, especially if you’re a Die Hard fan, you’re gonna love this wedding. It’s also got cool actors in it.


We need a sequel where the honeymoon goes bad…

Yes, it’s actually going to be Brendan and I’s honeymoon and shit hits the fan.


Yes. I’d watch that. I think that needs to happen.

Tell Shane (laughs).


Thanks so much for taking the time to chat and all the best with the film.

Oh, thank you so much.


Saban Films will release THE BEST MAN in theaters, on demand and digital April 21, 2023.