Interview with Adam Treasure

Adam Treasure started out working as a sales executive before switching trades to become an actor; he’s had roles in Ready Player One, Enslaved, Mercy Land and many more.

We had a chat about his career which you can check out below.


You’ve had an interesting career where you were a successful sales executive before becoming an actor. What made you want to make that switch?

Making the switch from a successful sales executive to an actor was definitely an exciting adventure. It all came down to following my passion and exploring a whole new world of creativity.

You see, during my time in sales, I discovered something truly special—the power of communication and connecting with others. It was through those experiences that I realized acting could provide me with a unique platform to express emotions, tell captivating stories, and reach a broader audience. I couldn’t resist the allure of bringing characters to life and evoking genuine emotions in people.

But what really made the switch irresistible was the opportunity for personal growth and constant learning. Acting challenged me in ways I never thought possible, pushing me outside of my comfort zone and allowing me to embrace new perspectives. Plus, collaborating with incredibly talented individuals in the entertainment industry was an absolute dream come true.

So, in a nutshell, my decision to transition from sales to acting was fueled by my deep passion for storytelling, my desire to connect with people through this beautiful art form, and the exciting prospects for personal and creative development that it offered. I’m thrilled to have embarked on this journey, and I can’t wait to see where it takes me next!


What do you enjoy most about acting?

What I absolutely love about acting is the sheer joy it brings to my life! There are so many incredible aspects to it that make it an incredibly fulfilling experience.

One of the things I enjoy the most is the thrill of stepping into different characters and fully immersing myself in their world. It’s like going on an adventure every time I take on a new role. Exploring their backgrounds, motivations, and emotions is like unlocking a treasure trove of human experiences. It allows me to stretch my creativity and push the boundaries of what I thought was possible.

But you know what’s even more amazing? The connection I get to establish with the audience. There’s something truly magical about being able to touch people’s hearts, make them laugh, or bring them to tears through my performances. It’s a powerful feeling to know that I have the ability to evoke genuine emotions and leave a lasting impact on someone’s life.

And let’s not forget the incredible camaraderie and collaboration that comes with acting. Working with a talented team of directors, fellow actors, and crew members is like being part of a big, creative family. We support and inspire each other, bringing our collective skills and passion together to create something truly extraordinary.

Overall, acting is a constant source of joy and inspiration for me. It allows me to explore the depths of human emotions, connect with audiences on a profound level, and collaborate with amazing individuals who share the same love for this art form. It’s a journey that fills my heart with happiness, and I feel incredibly fortunate to be able to pursue my passion.

How do you prepare for a role? Does it differ with each project?

Oh, I’m thrilled you asked about my preparation process for a role! It’s such an exciting and dynamic part of being an actor, and I love diving into it with enthusiasm. The way I prepare for a role can indeed differ with each project, but there are some key elements that remain consistent.

First things first, research is my best friend. I immerse myself in the character’s world, digging deep into their background, motivations, and the overall context of the story. It’s like peeling back layers and getting to know them inside out. This helps me develop a strong foundation and a genuine understanding of who they are.

When it comes to physicality, I believe in the power of embodiment. I explore the character’s body language, gestures, and even their voice if necessary. Sometimes it involves taking on specific exercises or training to better portray their physical traits. It’s amazing how these physical nuances can bring a character to life.

But you know what’s really important? The emotional journey. I spend time delving into the character’s emotions, understanding their conflicts, and finding ways to connect with their experiences on a deep level. Whether it’s drawing from personal experiences or using my imagination, I strive to infuse authenticity into their emotional portrayal.

Of course, collaboration is key. Working closely with the director and the rest of the cast is a fantastic opportunity to bounce ideas, share insights, and collectively shape the characters and their relationships. It’s an exciting process of building chemistry and creating a cohesive ensemble.

Now, here’s the fun part: each project brings its own unique challenges and requirements. It keeps things fresh and allows me to explore different techniques and approaches that suit the specific demands of the role. I’m always open to adapting and learning, and it keeps me on my toes as an actor.

Ultimately, my aim in preparing for a role is to create an authentic, multi-dimensional character that resonates with the audience and serves the story. It’s a journey of exploration, growth, and creativity that I absolutely cherish. I can’t wait to dive into the next project and discover what new adventures await!


What do you look for in a script to be interested?

When it comes to scripts, I have certain things that really grab my attention and get me excited about a project! First and foremost, a script needs to have an intriguing and captivating story. I love being pulled into a narrative that hooks both the characters and the audience. So, a well-crafted script with compelling themes, interesting conflicts, and engaging storytelling really gets my attention.

Character depth is another important factor for me. I’m drawn to roles that offer the chance to explore complex and multi-dimensional characters. I find it incredibly rewarding to dive into their emotions, motivations, and growth throughout the story. Playing characters with depth allows me to bring them to life in a meaningful and authentic way.Collaboration is also key. I enjoy scripts that provide room for creativity and allow for a collaborative process with the creative team. Being able to contribute ideas and work together to shape the character and story further is something I find truly fulfilling. It adds a wonderful dynamic to the overall creative journey.

Moreover, the tone and style of the script play a role in capturing my interest. Whether it’s a comedy, drama, or any other genre, the tone should resonate with my artistic sensibilities and the kind of stories I’m passionate about telling. Finding that alignment between the script’s tone and my own artistic preferences is important to me.

Lastly, I’m always drawn to scripts that have the potential for meaningful storytelling and impact. I look for stories that explore important themes, shed light on social issues, or provide a fresh perspective. Being part of a project that has the power to touch hearts, spark conversations, or make a difference is incredibly fulfilling as an actor.

In a nutshell, I get excited about scripts that have a captivating story, complex characters, room for collaboration, alignment with my artistic sensibilities, and the potential for meaningful impact. When these elements come together, it’s like a perfect recipe that ignites my passion and makes me eager to be a part of that project.



Your IMDb mentioned a film called Mercy Land; can you tell us about that and your role in it?

Mercyland is an awesome sci-fi film I was in! I played a member of the tough Mercy Land Boys gang. It’s set in the future, where a brave mother and daughter fight to survive while rival clans battle for control over the wastelands. It was an incredible experience being part of this action-packed adventure!

You had a small role in Ready Player One; what was it like to work on a Spielberg project?

Working on a project with a director like Spielberg’s  was truly incredible. They say every director has an eye for the perfect shot, but Spielberg is undoubtedly one of the best at recognizing it even from a mile away. His talent for capturing visually stunning and impactful moments on screen is unparalleled. Being part of a project under his direction was a remarkable experience that I will always cherish.


What are your favourite films that inspire you as an actor?

As an actor, I find inspiration in a variety of films that have deeply resonated with me. Some of my favorite films include “Rush Hour,” “Man on Fire,” and “Beverly Hills Cop.” These movies have left a lasting impact with their engaging storytelling and remarkable performances.

In addition to these action-packed favorites, I also draw inspiration from iconic characters such as Superman, the Terminator, and the adrenaline-fueled world of “Fast & Furious.” These characters embody strength, resilience, and determination, which inspire me to push my boundaries as an actor.

Moreover, I cannot forget to mention the groundbreaking film “Black Panther.” The powerful portrayal of Wakanda and its inspiring superhero has had a profound influence on me.


Following on from that, what has been your favorite role so far in your career and why?

Currently, I don’t have a favorite role because I tend to value each and every role equally. Regardless of the character I portray, I approach every role with the same level of enthusiasm and dedication. Each role brings its own unique challenges and opportunities for growth, allowing me to expand my range and explore different facets of acting. Embracing the diversity of roles and considering them all significant is an approach that keeps my passion for acting alive and thriving.


Any major franchises you’d be interested in joining or a dream project?

Absolutely! As an actor, there are several major franchises that I would be thrilled to join and dream Projects that I aspire to work on. While it’s difficult to pick just one, I’ll share a few that come to mind.

One major franchise that has always captivated me is the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). The opportunity to be part of the epic storytelling and iconic characters in films like “Avengers” or “Guardians of the Galaxy” would be a dream come true. The combination of action, adventure, and complex characters in the MCU is truly inspiring.

Another franchise that has left a lasting impact on me is the “Fast & Furious” series. The high-octane action, thrilling car chases, and the close-knit family dynamic of the characters make it an incredibly exciting and engaging franchise. The opportunity to be a part of the “Fast & Furious” universe and contribute to its legacy would be a dream come true. The franchise has a unique energy and a dedicated fan base that makes it all the more enticing to be a part of. Working alongside the talented cast and being involved in the adrenaline-fueled world of “Fast & Furious” would be an exhilarating experience as an actor.