Is Van Damme’s The Tower Back On?

A few years back it was announced that Jean-Claude Van Damme was going to be directing a film called The Tower with his son Kris starring alongside him.

According to Rodin Entertainment’s website it is back on along wit Full Love, Three Coyotes and Double X2 Action. Considering how long we’ve waited for Full Love then it may not see the light of day but it says “in-development” so perhaps The Tower may be coming soon.

The story was as follows (using Google translate so sorry if some doesn’t make sense): Winston Baxter (Jean-Claude Van Damme) is a former prominent fighter (Winston “The Piston” Baxter) who now works in a factory. He lost his memory after a car accident. He gets flashbacks from his past and goes to see illegal fights in an abandoned factory, where he suddenly remembers his past. A promoter present at an illegal fight remembers who Winston was and puts Winston back in the ring as “The Tower”.

Winston will have to fight with his own son Daniel, who has become one of the industries new and sky rocketing up and coming fighters and has preserved and multiplied his hatred for his father. Michelle accompanying her brother in the tournament became a forced witness of father and son war.

Sounds like an interesting story so fingers crossed it comes out.

Lionheart is no longer on the site so I guess that has been dropped as well as The Quest 2 and Van Dammned.

I was particularly intrigued by Van Dammed as it had another cool story coming off more like the film JCVD rather than an action flick.

It’s described as a hypnotic tale about Jean-Claude (JC) and his journey towards redemption and salvation.

JC is living the life; he is famous, rich, has a beautiful wife and daughter but on the flip side, he is morally bankrupt and living a secret life of deception that is tearing his soul apart.

‘VAN DAMNED’ is a lurid story in which JC is finally called out for his deviant ways and must be held accountable for his actions in the search of redemption and a new and better life.  Each character he meets is more frightening than the previous and they all know the truth about his ways.  JC’s charm does not work on anyone in this world.

It is as if he is skirting along the atmosphere between Purgatory and Dante’s 6th level of hell and JC is terrified for what he has to answer for along the way.

The story is filled with exotic and dangerous locations and characters who each want of piece of JC, while some literally crave a pound of his flesh in order for him to answer for what he has done during the missteps in his life.

Will JC finally find salvation at the end of his journey and reunite with his wife and daughter, not even JC knows for sure if this is even possible in the world of ‘VAN DAMNED.’


It looks like his next movie will be called Frontier although that may be a new name for Three Coyotes. JCVD posted an image of him in costume on his Facebook Page: