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John ‘The Arrow’ Fallon Interview

We talk with Actor, Writer, Producer, Director and Head Honcho with the Arrow in the Head website: John “The Arrow” Fallon

Eoin: So, how did you come up with the Arrow in the Head website?

John: I was fresh out of acting school doing the audition rounds while working as a script doctor for local production companies when my good bud Berge Garabedian aka JoBlo shot me an e-mail out of the blue saying: “Look you know all about that horror stuff. How would you like to start a horror section on” Which was at the time a small fansite he was running, nothing like it is today. I thought about it, figured it would help keep my writing fresh for screenwriting and answered back: “If you don’t censor me and we can call it Arrow in the Head, I’m in.” He agreed and AITH began.

To be honest, I was doing it purely for fun. I didn’t think it would go anywhere or that anybody (my mommy aside) read what I wrote, but three months in, I started getting hate mail, fan mail, and feedback from filmmakers (both good and bad). I then knew I was on to something. For better and for worse, a new career path opened up for me, been exploring it ever since.

Eoin: Is there someone in the film industry that you’d love to work with?

John: That’s an easy one. Sylvester Stallone, Thomas Jane, Clint Eastwood, Jee-woon Kim, Jean Claude Van Damme (came close, was cast in Wake of Death before Ringo Lam booked and the production moved from Montreal  to Europe), Dolph Lundgren, Mel Gibson, Kevin Costner, Arnie, Jennifer Lynch and  David Lynch.

Eoin: To follow on from that, is there a dream project you’d love to make?

John: I am writing a horror script right now, one that I will direct. It is very Lynch-ish and Polanski-ish. So yes, that one would be my dream project and yes it will come through. I won’t stop till it does.

Eoin: Can you tell us a bit about your “Dead Shadows” project?

John:  DEAD SHADOWS is the brainchild of director David Cholewa and screenwriter Jules Vincent. I have a lead in it and am very excited about the role. The part is one that embraces my “typecast”: strong, tough, no bull, etc.  You’ll get to see me kick lots of ass! It’s a terrific script; a mix of THE THING, DEMONS 2 and NIGHT OF THE COMET. It will also mark my first time acting in French from France… should be interesting.

Eoin: When writing, do you have a specific process? For example, must have coffee, music on, etc…

John: When I write, either a review or a screenplay, I wait till I feel “on” and when I am… well…  I compare it to a musician playing music; I hit that keyboard and start playing. I usually have 1 to 3 drinks (rum and coke) when I write (to loosen up, more than 3 equals me tipsy i.e. crap writing) and if I’m writing a script, I put on a film score that fits with the vibe of the story I am creating. If it’s a review, I just put on whatever I feel like hearing. The worst thing for me though is having to write when I don’t feel “on”. I gotta force it… I’ve never been good at that, but I manage.

Eoin:  Deaden was a hardcore, low budget actioner from 2006 and I loved it. Are you working on any action projects just now?

John: Although horror inclined, DEAD SHADOWS has a lot of action in it. I get to handle lots of weapons and dispose of tentacled slime left, right and center. Am also presently writing an action script for a US prod company, one that I will also act in. But am keeping it on the down low till we’re further down the road. Finally I have an action script called TRIGGER, one that I’ve tried to get off the ground for 3 years now, sooner or later it will happen, so that’s ammo in my clip.

Eoin: What’s your favourite action movie of all time?

John: I hate that question. I always change my mind. Today it’s FIRST BLOOD, RAMBO FIRST BLOOD PART 2, DIRTY HARRY and COBRA.

Eoin: Can you tell us what it was like working on 100 Feet with Famke Jansen and Michael Pare??

John: I was nervous working with Famke as she popped my cherry in the “acting a full scene with a star” department. But now it’s out of the way. I pulled through and am happy with my performance. Famke was very professional, she didn’t talk much in between takes…she was very focused, a ying to my sack of nerves yang. As for Mike Pare, we didn’t have any scenes together, but I enjoyed hanging with him on set, in lounges and learned from watching him work (he’s very talented).

Eoin: If I come to Montreal at some point, would you partake in a drinking competition with me?

John: Yes and I’ll win.

Thanks a lot for taking the time for an interview bud, much appreciated and all the best with your upcoming projects.