Kickboxer (1989) Music Score Review



The score to Kickboxer is one of my absolute favourites with tracks like Advanced Training perfect to work out to and others which you can mediate to… or just to listen for the fun of it.

Review: Not only is Kickboxer one of JCVD’s best movies but the score from Paul Herzog is also a bit of a classic; sure, some of it sounds a little 80’s by today’s standards but it remains one of my favourite scores.

I can listen to it if I want to work out at the gym as there are some great training montage themes or if I want to chill out as there are several tracks which are perfect meditation tunes.

Stand out tracks include Tai Chi, Advanced Training, The Eagle Lands, Stone City, Ancient Voices and Buddha’s Eagle but there isn’t a dull tune on the soundtrack.

Then we also have a few songs by the great Stan Bush like Streets of Siam, Never Surrender and Fight for Love which are all awesome and inspirational work out tunes. We need more songs in modern action movies which inspire us to go and get fit and better ourselves.

Overall, maybe one of my shortest reviews ever but there isn’t anything else I need to say; the score to Kickboxer is a classic and one of Van Damme’s best; it’s perfect for either working out or chilling out and is a must have if you can find it.