Kickstarter for The Martial Arts Kid 2 has Begun

The Martial Arts Kid was an entertaining indie movie that starred Don “The Dragon” Wilson and Cynthia Rothrock; it dealt with the tough subject of bullying and if you’ve seen it then you know it was very much open for a sequel. Well, the financing has begun and the filmmakers have put together a Kickstarter for it.


The sequel to THE MARTIAL ARTS KID; THE MARTIAL ARTS KID 2: PAYBACK is pivotal to what we are trying to create. It is our goal to build a franchise of films that show the profound impact that martial arts can bring into people’s lives that also contain exciting action, yet wholesome enough for the whole family to watch together. Our all-star production team is at it again by bringing our goals straight to the source. YOU. THE MARTIAL ARTS KID was a crowd-funding success because of our backers from the last campaign and we would like to share that same success once again. We are not in the business of making movies for Hollywood and do not have a studio’s backing. We want people to be a part of what we do and what we create. We want everyone to be proud of what can be done together.


Check out the Kickstarter campaign by clicking the following link and if you donate you can win some perks.