Kill Count: RoboCop (1987)

The original and best RoboCop has an awesome bodycount; nobody dies of natural causes in this movie, it’s by multiple gun shots, toxic waste, cars and more.

The total number of people taken out in this movie is 28.

My personal favourite death in this movie is Emil M. Antonowsky (Paul McCrane) who crashes into a toxic waste vat and comes out with his flesh literally dripping off him. He is then run over by a car and his head even roles over the hood. Quality.

The good people who run the Kill Counts YouTube page even narrowed it down for us too.

Robocop – 21
Clarence Boddicker (and crew) – 4
Anne Lewis – 1
ED209 – 1
Politician/Hostage Taker – 1

Interesting how the “good” guy is the one with the highest kill count.