Kill Shot (2023) Review

Below Average


Kill Shot has its moments with the highlight being Rachel Cook in her underwear, an engaging opening and the ending; it’s let down by some over-acting at times and lacks any memorable action. After watching movies like Sisu, Extraction or Mission: Impossible anything else just seems inferior and there isn’t anything here that’s remarkable.

Plot: Posing as hunters, a group of terrorists are in search of $100 million that was stolen and lost in a plane crash en route from Afghanistan.

Review: I hadn’t even watched the trailers for Kill Shot before watching it, so I went into it knowing nothing about it; the first ten minutes were fantastic with no dialogue just showing a little girl in Afghanistan travelling across all kinds of terrain to deliver a briefcase of money to some people. Cut to a few weeks later and a plane has crashed with said briefcase so a bunch of mostly nameless villains start combing the countryside for it.

Rib Hillis plays our hero Jackson Hardison who has a particular set of skills and these days mostly uses them to take people on Elk hunts in the wilderness. His life has gone downhill since his daughter died (as it would); he then catches his wife cheating and it isn’t until a girl called Kate (Rachel Cook) shows up wanting him to take her on a hunt that things seem to turn around. That is short-lived when the pair end up becoming hunted by the mercenaries looking for their briefcase of money.

I liked Rib Hillis as Jackson as he has that old-fashioned square jawed hero look and is also a bit of a surly bastard who is generally pretty rude to Kate at first. What’s hilarious is that Rachel Cook spends most of the movie in her underwear and it’s so gratuitous it’s hard not to smile… while enjoying it thoroughly.

Some of the performances aren’t the greatest and one character overacts horribly towards the end where he’s just plain annoying. I prefer my villains to speak quieter rather than just shouting all the time. Speaking of which the villains are all so one note I couldn’t even tell you any of their names, so it’s hard to get emotionally involved in a story if you know nothing about the antagonists.

After the opening it takes a while for anything to happen with maybe a few scenes that could have been trimmed for pacing reasons but the film is only 90 minutes long, so it’s hardly a slog to get through. It’s nicely shot with some picturesque scenery which is one of my favourite aspects.

The score is decent but a little intrusive at times where it could have been toned down a little.

In terms of action it’s mostly shoot-outs and a few fights towards the end but nothing especially genre changing. The script isn’t especially memorable and there aren’t too many lines I’d quote but I’ve seen worse in other low budget movies.

The biggest WTF moment in this movie is the end which I almost saw coming but not quite the way it did and it’s what makes everything else worth sitting through.

Overall, Kill Shot is let down by some over-acting and the script is hardly amazing; Rachel Cook in her undies isn’t entirely unpleasant and the ending makes this worth a one-time watch.